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Why Scout

Strategic sourcing: It’s something that the entire enterprise can get behind. Here are a few of the ways that Scout helps generate substantial value for the C-suite, the office of finance, sourcing teams, and stakeholders.Find out why people love Scout
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Strategic Sourcing

It’s never been simpler to build full-fledged RFPs, RFQs, and RFIs. Collaboration-friendly features such as Team Chat and Automated Messaging make it easy to provide updates, clarifications, and deadline reminders. Use Team Evaluations to do apple-to-apples supplier comparison with stakeholders.


Manage supplier contracts – past and present – from one centralized database. Streamline the contract process with Milestone Notifications, which allow you to renew, source, or cancel a contract in real-time.


Make smarter sourcing decisions with full visibility into your savings and sourcing pipeline. Prioritize your portfolio of planned and active projects, quickly quantify their impact, and ultimately, make more informed opportunity-based sourcing decisions.


Maximize savings and create value – without damaging supplier relations – through reverse auctions. Use the simple interface to create a streamlined auction that zaps away confusion while expediting negotiations and encouraging competitive bidding.


Simple: Scout is quick to implement and easy to use, which translates to high adoption rates.
89% of Scout users launch their first event within a week.

Smart: Source more intelligently – without the headaches – and share your expertise with the rest of the enterprise.
84% of Scout users see improved communication across the company.

Streamlined: Spend less time dealing with disparate data and communications, and more time gaining insights from sourcing activities.
78% of Scout users see up to a 4-7% increase in spend under management. 

The greatest thing about Scout is the transparency it brings to our organization.
Kenny Chasten Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer, Wellmark