Sourcing in the Cloud Just Makes Sense

Not long ago, to hear someone say they “work in the cloud” sounded looney. Today, that phrase signifies a progressive business that uses a flexible, accessible-from-anywhere computing solution that outperforms traditional office-based systems. It’s also a good sign your business should, too. Here’s why:

  1. Lower cost: Cloud computing solutions (a.k.a. “software as a service” or SaaS) cost about 30 percent less than traditional software upgrades because the entire platform is online. Compatibility with your business’s hardware is never an issue because all that’s required is Internet access. Since Cloud computing is a service, it’s billed incrementally, which is far less painful than a big-chunk investment in new software.
  1. Implementation is a snap: Since cloud computing eliminates hardware upgrades, your IT team gets a rest. Same thing for training: It all happens online. Implementation is fast and in many cases, a company can be live in a day and using a cloud-based service like Scout.
  1. Latest and greatest all the time: Using a cloud-based solution eliminates worry over software upgrades or annoying system restarts because the latest software version is always running and being improved in the background.
  1. Freedom to roam: The cloud lets you access your data from work, home, car, your smartphone—heck, during a marathon if you like. Wherever you have an internet signal and the desire to visit the Scout dashboard, you can get onto the cloud. That remote access also means your data is also super secure, well encrypted and stored somewhere other than your easily stolen or broken laptop.
  1. Easy collaboration: Using the cloud, your staff, buyers and suppliers can collaborate and work together easily and rapidly using centralized documents that are always available for sharing and editing. The result is quicker purchasing cycles, major time savings and one happy supply chain family.

As you can see, the benefits of the cloud are crystal clear.

So, hey, you, come onto our cloud! Click here to learn how.


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