Customer Success Tip: Supplier Performance Management Overview

Want to maximize value from supplier relationships? Look to Scout’s Supplier Performance Management tool.

How does Supplier Performance Management help you?

It enables sourcing professionals to:

    • Easily track supplier performance and quickly gauge impact to the business
    • Gather comprehensive feedback from stakeholders
    • Share development plans to increase value from the supply base
    • Standardized review templates across your KPIs
Why use it?

The Supplier Performance Management tool can help your team move beyond purely transactional Supplier Management to something far more strategic. Scout gives you the capability to create and track Performance Reviews and Action Items all in one centralized location.

What value does it bring?

Supplier Performance Management helps sourcing teams to:

  • Manage Risk. Consistently review suppliers value to your business and quickly assess the relationship history.
  • Maximize Value. Establish action plans to develop more valuable relationships with suppliers, quickly identify when new suppliers are necessary.
  • Improve Compliance. Easily manage reviews to ensure ongoing compliance in case supplier business changes or for new requirements such as the GDPR.

If you have any questions about Scout’s Supplier Performance Management (or anything else in the Scoutisphere), drop us a line at

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