In a New York Minute: Sourcing Pros Explain Finding Needles in a Haystack

Sourcing leaders bring unique skill sets that aid them in melding the right strategies, suppliers, partners, and tools needed to impact the business. But often times, when you’re up against an endless surge of incoming requests, “doing it all” feels more like finding needles in a haystack.

Addressing this topic, the New York City Sourcing Leaders (NYCSL) teamed up with The NY Supply Chain Meetup (TNYSCM) at the Tapestry Headquarters earlier this month to network and knowledge-share among an all-star panel.

Sourcing Leaders: Strategies, Tools, and Tactics

How do the best in sourcing successfully align strategies, suppliers, partners, and tools?

During the event, after soaking in the views of the Hudson and connecting with peers, we settled in to hear from procurement experts across industries.

Nick Ammaturo, Director of Global Procurement at Tapestry and founding member of NYCSL, served as moderator alongside Brian Lindquist of the TNYSCM. Our experts included Scott Easterwood, Senior VP of Global Procurement at Tapestry; Joanna Martinez, Founder at Supply Chain Advisors (ex-CPO at Cushman & Wakefield); Mark Paretti, VP of Value Delivery at LogicSource; Caitlin O’Keefe, VP at AT Kearny; and Stan Garber, President at Scout RFP.

With many insights shared by our all-star panel, we’ve highlighted those that garnered the most conversation from attendees:

Scott Easterwood touched on “The Non-Sexy Stuff”, e.g. Global Procurement Fundamentals. Here are the principles that make a GREAT procurement team member:

Step Up and Lead:

    • Be someone who is highly competent, accountable and decisive; and excellent  at communication

Be a Trusted Business Partner:

Practice Servant Leadership:

    • Listening, awareness, and accountability
    • Commitment to development
    • Vision; help folks see the big picture

Joanna Martinez got us charged up for “Positive Disruption on a Limited Budget”, follow her method to drive positive disruption in your organization:

  • Focus on “What We Do Well”
  • Focus on largest spend
  • Exceed the needs of some segments… and ignore the ones where we don’t have the expertise
  • Figure out ways to tweak results and make improvements whether our internal clients want them or not

Mike Paretti shared the “Shortcuts to Procurement Maturity”, utilize these levers to accelerate your maturation:

  • Leveraged sourcing
  • Alternative specifications
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Restructure supply
  • “Right” technologies
  • Spend consolidation

Caitlin O’Keefe walked us through what makes “Leaders in Supplier Collaboration.” Check out her secret sauce to a successful collaboration:

  • Define expectations and invest time to create alignment at all levels
  • Provide full transparency
  • Deliver and share joint wins

Finally, Stan Garber engaged the crowd by sharing secrets to “Sourcing Simplification for All”. We learned that sourcing tools could be as easy to use and intuitive as ordering a pizza online. Here’s what to consider when selecting the right tool:

  • High adoption
  • High time-to-value
  • Enjoyable experience

And, if you’d like to see more of Stan’s presentation at the event, we’ve posted the video here in the Scout video archives.

Between our five experts – along with great questions from the NYCSL and TNYSCM communities – we have some food for thought to tide us over between now and the next NYCSL meeting. If you have any other insights to share, or want to join NYCSL, head over to our LinkedIn group!

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