Welcoming Two New Scout Executives: Jerry Brooner and Sarvesh Mathur

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing the two newest members of our executive team at Scout, Jerry Brooner and Sarvesh Mathur. Together, these two Scout executives will be helping us scale up our organization, our go-to-market capabilities, and the power of our platform. I firmly believe that we should be constantly upgrading the power of our team, and Jerry and Sarvesh bring decades of experience and results that will help accelerate Scout through our next several years of growth.

Jerry Brooner is joining us from Dropbox, where he most recently served as the leader of their strategic enterprise business in North America. As their VP of Enterprise Sales, he was responsible for growing that business from its first two account executives to over 50 sales personnel delivering over $75M in annual revenue. Prior to Dropbox, Jerry held leadership positions at SAP, Callidus, Genesys, and Siebel Systems.

Sarvesh is no stranger to scale, either. Whether you look at his time at Infor, Navis, or Teradata, he’s been responsible for building some of the most rigorous engineering teams in the world and brings a wealth of supply chain software experience.

To introduce you to our newest Scouts, I sat down with Sarvesh and Jerry with a stack of questions to dive into what excites them about Scout, what they do in their spare time, and their vision for sourcing. Here’s what they had to say:

You both have a bit of a background in sourcing and procurement. What’s bringing you back?

Sarvesh: I’m personally very passionate about sourcing and procurement, but I’ve been surprised with how little disruption we’ve seen in this space recently. It seems like ERP vendors have lost sight and interest in the experience of sourcing professionals. But, with Scout’s laser focus on the success of buyers, suppliers, and stakeholders, it’s amazing to see the results from the product we’ve produced! After talking to heads of procurement in my network, I was strongly advised to jump in feet first and help grow Scout to the next level. Their excitement about the product from a buyer’s point of view really influenced my decision.

Jerry: Before joining Dropbox, I spent over ten years at SAP. From my experience, I noticed that Strategic Sourcing was a vastly underserved market. Many Sourcing professionals were still using manual spreadsheets or modules from large ERP providers that had not had any investment for years. The end user was never a priority or focus, and with Sourcing being a critical component for the success of any enterprise, I saw a huge market opportunity. By combining mission-critical business apps with a philosophy geared towards usage and adoption, I saw how Scout could help any organization be more strategic with its spend.

You’ve had a chance to talk to some of our customers over the past few days. What are you hearing?

JB: Before I started at Scout, I kept hearing about Scout or using Scout through RFP replies. As a supplier-side user of Scout, I thought it was the best tool I had ever used. Every customer I spoke with repeated the same statements about Scout: Ease of Use, Best Customer Service, and Mission Critical to engaging Business Stakeholders and Managing Suppliers. It’s hard not to get excited about a product that inspires those rave reviews.

SM: That was my experience, too. I repeatedly heard that Scout really cares about customers and that our product is like the “iPhone of procurement,” given its ease of use and world class design. Customers truly enjoy using our product! That usability and accessibility is a huge differentiator for them.

What would your Scout merit badge be for?

SM: I have fond memories of being a Cub Scout and earning merit badges! I’m glad to see that 5 years ago the Boy Scouts have added a “Programming Merit Badge” to its repertoire to foster a bright future for us “Techno Scouts” to grow and prosper!

JB: I’m a big fan of Scout customers and big believer in giving back to the community. When I joined Scout, I fell in love with the Scout Value of “ Making an Impact.” Whether it’s making an impact with our customers through helping them address their strategic sourcing requirements or by volunteering to make San Francisco schools better through improvement projects, I love to be able to Make an Impact!

If you had one prediction for the state of sourcing next year, where are you placing your bets?

SM: I believe best of breed SaaS services will be better integrated into the enterprise ecosystem, leveraging the strengths of each part of the procurement process making training next gen machine learning algorithms possible.

JB: I speak to a lot of companies and what I hear from almost all of them is how their executive teams are viewing Strategic Sourcing as a key to the success of the organization. My prediction for Sourcing next year would be that it is elevated to the priority list for every C-Level Executive of any major company.

And finally, where can we find you online?

JB: Linkedin is always the best way to find me – I’d love to connect.

SM: I’d love to talk about Scout, supply chains, and tech! Feel free to reach out to me at Linkedin

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