5 Things to Gobble up at SPARK 2019

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. That’s the beauty of the holidays; everyone has their own way of giving thanks. For me, nothing says, “Thanksgiving at Scout” more than a dancing hand turkey from our very own, Emerson Garber. I’m sure you would agree, too!

At Scout, we are forever thankful to our customers. So grateful in fact, that our core value, “obsess over the customer,” has inspired us to take sourcing to new heights. It’s also become the framework for SPARK 2019, our user conference taking place February 26-27; the whole purpose to put Scout customers and the greater procurement community in the spotlight.

     SPARK 2019

     Date: February 26-27 |  Location: SFJAZZ in San Francisco

     Register | Code: earlybird19 (by Nov. 22, 2018)

5 Things to Gobble up at SPARK 2019

At SPARK, you’ll uncover tools to pivot your team towards center stage, including top industry insight, amazing networking opportunities (we love to have fun!), and intimate fireside chats with procurement’s biggest drivers of change.

1) Sourcing Transformation

For most, defining “sourcing transformation” is more “trial and error” as procurement teams work to stay ahead of the curve. Whether it be cost management, data awareness, or sourcing automation, even the most mature procurement organizations have transformation on their agenda. At SPARK we will unpack this game changing process with leaders from across the globe.

One way today’s top performing teams are making global commerce faster, less risky, and more transparent is by “flocking” to SPARK, where leaders will find three tracks and 20+ sessions jam-packed with strategies, success stories, and ways in which sourcing transformation has helped hundreds of enterprises.

2) Supplier Engagement

According to Deloitte’s 2018 Global CPO Survey, the majority of CPOs lack visibility beyond tier 1 suppliers. That’s why mature procurement organizations are prioritizing supplier engagement. Come to SPARK, and be immersed in ways you can enable rapid innovation and value with strategic suppliers.

For example, one SPARK session, “The New KPIs: Going from Inside-Out to Outside-In (and Why),” can help you start reshaping the way sourcing views metrics around supplier performance. Another session, “Changing the Rules: SaaS Negotiation Success Framework,” will take you step-by-step through industry-proven techniques to negotiate with suppliers.

3) Networking with Leading “Birds of a Feather”

There’s nothing quite like SFJAZZ in the heart of San Francisco to inspire conversation. Add to that, a jazzy environment, handcrafted cocktails, delicious food, and casual, yet valuable, conversation buzzing among the industry’s most innovative thinkers. Sound like an ideal way to connect with your peers? We think so, too.

SPARK will offer a networking experience like no other. With the iconic SFJAZZ Center as the backdrop, attendees can look forward to mingling with 400+ strategic sourcing and procurement professionals, from Q&A brainstorming sessions to cocktail hours to friendly banter during breaks.

4) Actionable Leadership Takeaways

At SPARK, you’ll be immersed in the knowledge-sharing of the industry’s most diverse leaders who still continue to push the envelope today. One speaker, in particular, Jeff Immelt, completely overhauled his company’s strategy, workforce, and culture, transforming it into a simpler, stronger, and more focused digital industrial company. What company did he help transform, you may ask? None other, than General Electric.

And, his impact has been heard around the world. Besides being named one of the “World’s Best CEOs” three times by Barron’s, he has also received 15 honorary degrees and other awards for his business leadership.  

Immelt, along with many other thought leaders in the space, will be sharing their stories on mastering new core competencies that successfully spread across their entire organizations.

5) Delicious Food Trucks, Tasty Beverages and Sweet Music

We’ve saved the best for last. The most innovative minds in sourcing could use some tasty bites, as well. So, get ready for an appetizing mix of top-rated food trucks lining the street, brought to you by Off the Grid, roaming mobile catering services known for “the best catering and food truck experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

Hope your Thanksgiving is Full of Love and Dancing Turkeys!

This Thanksgiving, we want to share how thankful we are for our supportive customers and the community as a whole. So, please consider joining us at SPARK, where we facilitate your “migration” to center stage. Take advantage of our Early Bird pricing by using earlybird19 when you sign up for SPARK before November 22, 2018.

From all of us at Scout, we hope you have a happy (and delicious) Thanksgiving break!

Warmest regards,


P.S. A huge thanks to Emmi for her amazing artistic talent and marketing design support. Without it, there would be no beautiful hand turkey to brighten our November day.

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