Sourcing That Shines: Start Your Year with a SPARK

Once again, the new year is here, and with it comes a new opportunity to shine. How are the world’s leading enterprises upping their sourcing strategy to shine even brighter? Sure, there are classes, webinars, and articles; but, what if you could combine these resources into one giant, learning support system?

SPARK 2019 is just that; it’s a focal point of enterprise and industry smarts, a place where you can unlock the tools necessary to take your team to the next level. Whether you’re looking to better advise the business or build a flexible team that can seize savings opportunities, this is your playground to advance your strengths and skill sets.

We invite you to SPARK 2019, the only enterprise conference to put Sourcing center stage. Read on for some highlights to get jazzed about–and don’t forget to save your spot! Start your year with a SPARK:

Registration & Conference:
Date: February 26th – 27th
Location: SFJAZZ – San Francisco, CA

Learn from Your Peers

According to eLearning, everyone in the world consumes 174 newspapers worth of data each day. That’s a lot of knowledge; data can be the most powerful if you know how to use it.¹

Enter SPARK: with 400+ sourcing leaders in attendance and 20+ sessions to choose from, no Sourcing stone will be left unturned. Topics will cover everything from transformative leader requirements to improving the enterprise with supplier diversity to expert negotiation strategy (more on that, later!).

Deep Dive Training and Skill Development

Whether you’ve been a friend of a Scout since Day 1 or have just been introduced (if so, welcome to the Scout family!), we invite you to see the inner-workings of Scout’s platform.

At SPARK, guests can take in the ultimate demo experience:  Customer Success presentations, varied by module, with real-life customers talking real-life testaments. Plus, we’ll have Q&As and hands-on demo stations to create an interactive experience that puts you in the driver’s seat.

So, come explore Scout Contracts, Supplier Performance, Pipeline, and Reports — see for yourself what all the buzz is about!  

Hone Your Negotiation Skills with a Seasoned Expert

To navigate–and succeed in–every deal, negotiation skills must be sky-high. But, in an industry that’s constantly changing, it’s hard to keep up with the trends necessary to achieve greatness.

How can you get the most of your bargaining strategy and strengthen vendor relations as a result? At SPARK, join sourcing leader and negotiation expert CJ Anderson-Johnson of Sleep Number as she navigates the changing landscape of vendor negotiation. During her session:

  • Discover the power of contracts
  • Learn to improve execution through technology
  • Hone in on ways to reinforce business relationships to better the bottom line

So, come expand your skill set, test out new, collaborative methods, and conquer today’s evolving standards of negotiation strategy.

Join Hundreds of Your Procurement Peers at SPARK

We invite you to attend and walk away with two full days of sessions and knowledge-sharing that will make 2019 the top of your career game. Please join us and hundreds of your procurement peers at SPARK. Register today!

— Michaela


  1. “5 Benefits of Corporate Knowledge Sharing.” eLearning Industry, Accessed Jan. 9, 2019.

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