This Valentine’s Day, Source New Inspiration at SPARK

Valentine’s Day is a chance to embrace what you adore. Whether you love a good meal, relaxing on the beach–or optimizing your Procurement process–today is a good day to reflect on your passion.

In the spirit of Valentine’s, we can’t help but write this ode to you. We love working with you, learning from you, and being inspired by you. Sappy love notes aside, we want to make sure SPARK’s on your radar since it only comes once a year.

This year’s SPARK conference takes place in two weeks on February 26 and 27 at the SFJAZZ Center.

“SPARK will bring together the best and brightest minds for a productive environment of discussion, with more than 20 sessions focusing on problems we’re all working to solve in our businesses.” – Stan Garber, President, Scout RFP

Join us and walk away with new strategies and tools to lead your team with a new tempo. If you’d like to see what you’re in for, check out the agenda below to see why more than 600 Sourcing professionals will be there:

Day 1 Agenda | Tuesday, February 26:

Morning: Networking and Breakfast

The Anaplan Way: Building a More Connected Sourcing Strategy

Wellmark Shares How They Do More with Scout

  • Kenny Chasten, VP, CPO at Wellmark

Enterprise Integrations: Ensuring Success from Source to Contract with Workday

Jeff Immelt on Leading Through Change and Focused Transformation

  • Jeff Immelt, Chairman at athenahealth and former CEO of General Electric

Untapped Power of Dynamic Negotiation: See the World from McKinsey’s Perspective

  • Teresa Liptak, Expert Operational and Digital Procurement at McKinsey
  • Gautam Ghatge, Associate Principal at McKinsey

The Power of Inclusion with VSP Vision Care’s President, Kate Renwick-Espinosa

Allen Gannett, Flashes of Genius – Learning the Art and Science of Creativity

Leveraging a Center of Excellence For Procurement Tech Operations with Biogen

  • Bob Amareld, Associate Director, Strategic Operations & Tech, Global Procure at Biogen

LendingTree Presents: Our Procurement Evolution: How We Embraced Innovation and Disruption to Transform

Salesforce Presents: The Puzzle of Transformation Trinity: People, Technology, and Leadership

Denali Sourcing Services Presents True Stories from Sourcing Desk Warriors – Learn Tried and True Methods for Implementing a Sourcing Desk

  • David Gonzalaz, Director, Global Program Management & Solutions at Denali Sourcing Services

It’s All About Adoption: How Gilead Sciences and Blackline Group Forged a Path to Accelerate Value

Zebra Technologies Presents: Building an Effective Project Pipeline in Scout

  • Stuart Andrews, Director, Global Indirect Procurement at Zebra Technologies

Keep it Simple and Make it Fun: Change Management Success Stories with Unitywater and LendingTree

Evening: Havana Sourcing Club SPARK Party

Day 2 Agenda | Wednesday, February 27:

Morning: Networking and Bougie Brunch

Guiding Scout: One Single Source of Truth for Sourcing

Negotiation and Optimization Deep Dive with McKinsey

Confidence, Talent, & Impact: Making a Procurement Leader with Zendesk, SDMR Advisory Services and VMware

  • Rendi Miller, VP, Corporate Services & Source-to-Pay at Zendesk
  • Jeri Sessler, Consultant at SDMR Advisory Services
  • Anagha Kale, Senior Director, Global Strategic Sourcing at VMware

Zappos, Adobe, and Silicon Valley Sourcing Leaders Present Stay Agile and Competitive with Supplier Diversity

MDC Partners Present: Make an Impact, Inspire Your Business Partners and Get to a New Level!

Changing the Rules with Sleep Number: SaaS Negotiation Success Framework

Product Deep Dive with Biogen: Getting the Most out of Scout Reports

The Future of Procurement Technology with Hugo Evans of A.T. Kearney

Roundtable Learnings with Scout and McKinsey: Why Dynamic Negotiation is Transformative

Evening: SPARK Open House and one on one time with Customer Success

The millionth reason why we love our customers? We really enjoy doing things together. To top off a rewarding day of learnings and connections, we’ll be throwing our annual SPARK party, playing along with the venue’s magical theme of music: Havana Social Club. Experience a speakeasy vibe with samba dancers, live jazz, delicious tapas and cocktails, and more surprises.

We open the second day of SPARK with a San Francisco gourmet “bougie” brunch that will cure any Havana Social Club ills and get us started off right. Complete with bloody marys, mimosas, waffles, breakfast tacos, the works — enjoy some comfort food, network, and jump into where Scout’s going with the product.

Currently, we have 600+ Sourcing leaders at the ready for SPARK and hope you can join to make the party even more special. Register here or reach out to me ( or your favorite Scout contact directly to get a complimentary seat at SPARK.

See you in two weeks!

— Michaela

PS. Learn more about our second annual conference by reading the SPARK Press Release


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