The Sky’s the Limit at Scout: Meet Dennis Estanislao, Director of User Experience

Almost 4 years ago, Scout’s customer-centric mindset and opportunity for innovation caught the eye of this exceptionally talented design leader. Read on to find out more about what makes Scout such a unique and exciting opportunity for your career.

In our Meet the Scouts series, we get to know the people who make the Scout magic possible. This week, we’re featuring Dennis Estanislao, Director of User Experience!

Meet Dennis Estanislao, Director of User Experience

Why did you join Scout?

The opportunity to innovate in a new space that hadn’t been touched before and create new experiences for customers was huge for me. It was uncharted territory and a forward-thinking opportunity. I saw the challenge in the enterprise space and wanted to create an enterprise experience that was easy, friendly, and approachable.

Did anything surprise you about Scout once you were working here?

The people – to be in a group of people who are so talented, collaborative, and high-level is inspiring.

How would you describe the environment at Scout?

Scout is full of highly collaborative owners. Everyone has a piece of the puzzle while working on specific projects, but at the same time, everyone is willing to help each other be successful. It’s a family environment.  

What are the biggest challenges of your role?

Scaling – we’re growing really fast! It’s also a challenge to create and innovate a product that our customers love to use while being in an environment that hasn’t been touched before.

What makes a person successful in your position?

A few different things:

  1. Empathy for customers and truly understanding the problems you’re trying to solve
  2. Ownership of what you’re responsible for and carrying projects from beginning to end
  3. Ability to think outside the box and solve problems that haven’t been solved before

Can you describe the advancement opportunities on your team?

There’s always more room to truly innovate and lead projects that you’ll see your customers using in a matter of months.

How do you see the market opportunity for Scout’s product?

The sky’s the limit because no one is doing what we’re doing. We’re able to work on a platform that we’ve built from scratch. The product can truly redefine how sourcing is seen and how it affects the business as a whole.

What do you think makes Scout stand out from the rest in terms of places to work?

Two things:

  1. The opportunity we have to be the leader in the space and at the forefront of innovation
  2. The people and the amount of talent that we have at Scout

What else should interested candidates know about Scout?

From a designer perspective, the biggest thing I’d like to tell candidates is that you can learn fast and well here at Scout. You get to design a product that customers will actually use and see it come to life in a matter of months. One of the biggest benefits is the opportunity to speak with customers, hear their feedback, and implement your designs. Working with engineering to see your designs come to life is amazing as well.

We invite you to learn more about what it means to be a Scout! Check out our careers page here.

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