Powerful Partnerships: Putting Customer Trust at the Center of Everything We Do

Chief among Scout’s company core values is the call to “obsess over customers,” and, honestly, all of the technological innovation and product advancements we make are useless unless they result in significant change for our customers. Our job is to empower our customers to better serve their own customers, causing a powerful, positive ripple effect through entire communities.

Change results from Scout’s cloud-based platform and the detailed, proactive way that our customer success team partners with each company to help them attain goals and excel in every way. Because this dedication is part of our foundation and culture and instilled in every employee, driving radical change is just part of the way we do business—it’s what we expect—and really is its own reward.

An Absolute Delight: Awards from Two Different Customers

Despite our expectations, it has been an absolute delight to receive awards from two different customers over the course of about four weeks. Mostly we receive messages of thanks, great reviews, kind accolades, ever so generous word-of-mouth recommendations, but never an actual award.

Immediately following SPARK 2019, our popular customer knowledge and insight forum last month, Unitywater, the progressive water and sewage utility based in Queensland, Australia, presented Scout CEO Alex Yakubovich, Sales Director Brian Bradley and Customer Success Manager Kyla Miller with the 2019 Supply Chain Operations Award. This unique award given by Unitywater required special board approval and vetting across executive leadership, underscoring its unique value and meaning.

Scout Customer Award

We are presenting this award to Scout because Scout has given Unitywater much stronger capabilities to serve our customers better. Unitywater ensures that hundreds of thousands of people in Southeast Queensland Australia have safe, reliable drinking water and sewerage, and Scout is contributing that success,” shared Namejs Kins, Branch Manager Procurement at Unitywater. Kins went on to say, “It is very important to emphasize that Scout’s platform isn’t just an administrative software; it’s a real value driver. Our team maintains critical services to our customers, and procurement at Unitywater plays a vital part in the supply chain. Without Scout’s help, we wouldn’t be able to do that as efficiently and as effectively as we do today.”

Then, during its recent Supplier Day, Palo Alto Networks presented Scout Co-Founder and COO, Andrew Durlak along with Customer Success Manager Stephen Macko, the overarching 2019 supplier award for Supplier Appreciation Business Productivity Tool.

Scout Customer Award

Typically, our customers, give recognition to key entities in their supply chain or critical areas of operations, not to a behind-the-scenes company such as Scout. That’s one reason why we were so surprised and honored.

Another revelation also became clear. Palo Alto Networks is in the heart of Silicon Valley, some 45 miles to the south of Scout headquarters in San Francisco. Unitywater is located approximately 7,076 miles across the Pacific Ocean, a flight time of over 16 hours and time change of 17 hours. Both companies reported getting an extraordinary level of service and having the customer success team closely involved with their own teams to fully meet or exceed all hopes and goals. The remarkable difference is that we do not have a support center or even an office in Australia, despite our growing number of customers there. Scout provides support and customer success remotely, and the result is as if the customer were located next door. Location simply does not matter; the two awards are a testament to the fact.

Upon presenting the award, Palo Alto Networks noted four factors that made Scout so impactful for them, and reasons for awarding us, seemingly out of the blue. The combination involved extraordinary customer support and success along with the platform’s ease of use, the great efficiency it provides and the glowing feedback from their internal team (they love using the products). This combination is what every customer should expect. Our customer obsession results in astonishing levels of support and partnering for success. It also results in a platform and modules that are powerful, intuitive and even enjoyable to use. And they result in new levels of effectiveness, efficiency and cost savings for an organization.

If you are not currently a Scout customer, we would like to invite you to experience the full force of what is like to have Scout work for you. The experience is more than just the products—it’s the commitment and obsession we extend to all customers across the globe. It’s the feeling of being located next door or being the singular focus of our attention. See for yourselves what transformation looks like through Scout.

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