Developing Success in Sourcing: Meet Sandra Tedt, Principal Product Manager

Nearly two years ago, Scout’s innovative solution and opportunity for growth stood out to one forward-thinking product leader who was looking for her next opportunity. Read on to find out more about why Scout fosters such an exciting and supportive environment for career development.

In our Meet the Scouts series, we get to know the people who make the Scout magic possible. This week, we’re featuring Sandra Tedt, Principal Product Manager!

Meet Sandra Tedt, Principal Product Manager

Why did you join Scout?

I had never worked at a startup before, and I felt like it was the right time to use my experience to make an impact somewhere. I loved that Scout was up and coming and growing fast but still focused on solving an interesting business problem.

Did anything surprise you about Scout once you were working here?

The people were so supportive and helpful, and it was easy to really hit the ground running. It was crazy to see how fast we were growing and still are. The fact that there was only one bathroom in our first office shocked me, too! Don’t worry, though, we’ve since moved to a beautiful new office (and yes, it has more than one bathroom).

How would you describe the environment at Scout?

It’s energetic, supportive, collaborative, and empowering. Each employee has the ability to take ownership of projects and explore their own ideas. It truly feels like a family.

What are the biggest challenges of your role?

There are so many ideas and so much feedback that we want to implement. It can be a challenge to prioritize which updates will bring the most value to the most people.

What makes a person successful in your position?

It’s so important to listen and understand our customers, their processes, and what’s unique about each one while finding a common thread between them all. Emotional intelligence and an explorative mind are key to be able to understand the emotion behind what people are explaining and dig deeper into the problems they’re facing.

Can you describe the advancement opportunities on your team?

The advancement opportunities are great. I’ve been here less than two years and was promoted into a manager role, which I love. As mentioned before, there are so many ideas we want to implement, so there’s a lot of opportunity to grow the team and take ownership of these ideas.

How do you see the market opportunity for Scout’s product?

Extraordinary! Of course there are other competitors, but we have a keen focus on the sourcing team and their uniqueness. We are perfectly poised to help and support our customers.

What do you think makes us stand out from the rest in terms of places to work?

Scout is a meritocracy – you will absolutely be rewarded for your hard work. Management truly cares about each employee and is super involved in making you successful. It’s also so rewarding that you can see the impact of your work in a very tangible way.

What else should interested candidates know about Scout?

Scout is a fun place where you will be challenged, work on difficult problems, make connections for life, and become part of a close-knit family full of creative people.

We invite you to learn more about what it means to be a Scout! Check out our careers page here.

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