Negotiating like a Ninja: 4 Key Takeaways for Procurement

Negotiating: some of us love it, and some of us hate it, but we all do it. Maybe you’re convincing a three-year-old to eat her vegetables, or maybe you’re brokering a multi-million deal with a key supplier. Fortunately, while we can’t help you much with the former (besides sharing our sincere wishes of good luck), we can suggest some tips and even partner with you on the latter.

We know negotiating can be complicated, especially the process of preparing, which can make or break the outcome of your negotiation. That’s why we’ve compiled four in-depth podcasts to help you out.

Over the past month, several Scout customers and an independent management consulting analyst have joined Mark Raffan on his popular podcast, Negotiations Ninja to talk all things negotiations. They’ve discussed everything from simplifying fast-paced procurement and the customer experience to leveraging the collaborative power of teams and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in negotiations. Here’s what we’ve learned from them.

Fast-Moving Procurement and Negotiations Create New Strategic Opportunities

Featuring Natasha Gurevich, Vice President of Procurement at Salesforce, this episode highlights the challenges and successes of leading the procurement team of one of the fastest-growing CRM companies, including:

  • Upleveling transactional support for procurement
  • Extending strategic procurement guidance through collaboration
  • Becoming a trusted advisor of business stakeholders

Check it out here!

The Customer Experience Is More Important Than Ever in Negotiations and Procurement

Featuring Rendi Miller, Vice President of Corporate Services and Source-to-Pay at Zendesk, this episode emphasizes the importance of great customer service in procurement, as well as:

  • Building trust with your business stakeholders through visibility
  • Figuring out what your customers really want
  • Increasing your credibility with your customers

Listen to the podcast here!

Collaboration Opens New Possibilities for Team-Based Negotiations

Featuring Michael Leiken, Head of Procurement at LendingTree, this episode delves deep into negotiating in teams and the opportunities and challenges that result, such as:

  • Accessing the deeper base of knowledge in your team
  • Getting prepared to ask for what you want in a risky situation
  • Negotiating collaboratively to achieve even greater success

Hear the podcast on-demand!

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology in Negotiations Can Help Improve Visibility and Expand Your Capabilities

Featuring Hugo Evans, Vice President at AT Kearney, a management consulting firm, this episode explores what new technologies mean for procurement, including:

  • Sorting out fact from fiction when it comes to tech-related claims
  • Assessing the impact new technologies will have on your strategy
  • Identifying opportunities to incorporate new technologies into your procurement processes

Access the podcast here!

If you’re sensing a theme here, so are we. The area of negotiations is ripe with opportunities to innovate! As businesses move faster and faster, Procurement needs to seize every chance it can to develop new capabilities and get ahead of this ever-increasing pace of business. Like the experts interviewed above, when it comes to your internal or external negotiations, focus on cultivating trust in your organization, obsessing over your customer, and increasing collaboration. Then, see where new technologies can take your team.

Ready to seize opportunities to innovate in your negotiations? We built Scout’s Dynamic Negotiations and Analytics to help you get the most out of every negotiation. By aggregating all of your sourcing data in Scout’s easy-to-use platform, you get actionable information at your fingertips. You have the visibility and collaboration you need to optimize your dollars when negotiating, and you have the customer-obsessed partner you want to help you along the way.

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