Sourcing Teams, Celebrate Your Independence from Spreadsheets!

As July 4th sleepily winds its way through the summer heat (or fog, for us here in San Francisco!) we begin to set our sights on what to barbecue this week and what kind of pyrotechnics might inspire us. First, though, let’s pause for a brief moment to consider independence.

Independence means the freedom to be self-sufficient, to prove our worth, to take back the reins and enjoy sovereignty. For procurement professionals, independence could mean a chance to get out from under the yolk of cumbersome processes dominated by clunky legacy systems and spreadsheets, emails, and SharePoint documents. Being freed from the drudgery and inefficiency of tools and systems that have long weighed you down and limited your potential gives you a fresh start filled with new opportunities.

When procurement professionals are immersed in disconnected processes and trying to simply weather the never-ending tide of requests from the business and suppliers, it may be hard to see how to make things better. They may dream of what might be one day accomplished and how they could offer so much more to the company’s success, but these aspirations fade when faced with a never-ending onslaught of work.

We, the people of Scout, strive to empower sourcing teams to achieve independence and free procurement professionals with an intuitive platform that brings transparency and visibility where there was once only opacity. It’s a platform that enables collaboration throughout the enterprise, ensures accountability, and expands what procurement can achieve.

Every week we hear stories of how Scout has provided procurement groups the means to transform and fundamentally not only change how they work but the impact they make. From Uber to Beam Suntory, Levi’s to Workday, sourcing teams around the world have achieved independence from spreadsheets and outdated processes with Scout.

So give us your tired, your poor procurement pros, and we’ll help you Scout a revolution that starts with a spark. Just ask us how. Happy Independence Day from all of us at Scout!

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