Scout Value #1: Obsess over the Customer

Customer excellence is what we live and breathe every day at Scout; our number one company value is to obsess over the customer. Today, we found out that Scout was included in Zappos’ corporate culture publication, Zappos 2018: Your Culture Book, in the Travel and Procurement feature. This became one of those moments when we had to pause and reflect, as we are astounded and honored to be included in Zappos’ culture book.

Zappos, a founding leader in customer obsession, demonstrates in their book that this philosophy of “customers first, always” is about more than increasing profits or building a strong company. It is about always creating a positive impact in the lives of everyone you (and your company) come into contact with. 

Both personally and professionally, I’m so proud that Scout has ingrained this approach into our #culture and core values and even prouder to be recognized by a true #pioneer of the customer-first mentality.

Thank you team TAP and Zappos for this awesome Scout Honor!

— Stan

Notes: Book title: Zappos 2018 Your Culture Book
(Page 77) TAP and Scout

Travel and Purchasing, aka TAP, is responsible for helping employees with their travel and purchasing needs. All aspects of Zappos business require purchasing goods and services, and this team is a dynamic asset that helps us understand the financial inner workings and the processes involved. Holding TAP expos and events educates and introduces us to important vendors involved in making our company the best and most efficient it can be.


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