Selling Superstar: Meet Marco Siragusa, Senior Enterprise Account Executive

In our Meet the Scouts series, we get to know the people who make the Scout magic possible. This week, we’re featuring Marco Siragusa, Senior Enterprise Account Executive.

Marco’s first-hand experience with painful RFPs piqued his interest in Scout’s revolutionary sourcing and supplier engagement platform and ultimately led him to join our team. In less than one year, Marco was promoted into a senior role and he recently earned Scout’s top quarterly salesperson award. 

Read on to find out what makes Marco successful, why he’s so excited for Scout’s future, and how he’s overcome challenges to be at Scout today.

Why did you join Scout?

At my previous SaaS company, I filled out painfully long and difficult RFPs. I heard about Scout and was blown away by all of the logos, so I decided to look into the opportunity. My interview with Alex (CEO and Co-Founder) sealed the deal. I was super impressed with his vision and leadership philosophy. 

Did anything surprise you about Scout once you were working here?

I was shocked by the growth we’ve seen and accomplished in the past year. Even about 6 months ago, I mentioned to Stan (President and Co-founder) that while this is the third startup I’ve been with, this is certainly one I believe in. 

How would you describe the environment at Scout?

Extremely fast-paced, but collaborative. Scout is a place where everyone is committed to the vision of changing how procurement is done at big corporations. 

What are the biggest challenges of your role? 

With Fortune 1000 companies, timelines can be long. Getting a final “yes” can take time, but by delivering true value through savings, increased efficiency, and collaboration, we typically can earn our customers’ trust and partnership. 

What makes a person successful in your position?

Understanding the challenges our customers face and providing a value-driven solution. It’s also important to take advantage of leveraging our incredible internal resources. Every major opportunity I’ve won has absolutely followed the phrase “it takes a village.” 

Can you describe the advancement opportunities on your team?

With any fast-growing company, there’s plenty of opportunity for growth. Our lofty company growth goals allow for opportunities to get into management or work with some of our most strategic clients. 

How do you see the market opportunity for Scout’s product?

Scout’s product has an enormous market, which is another reason why I joined. We have 220+ amazing customers, but we haven’t even scratched the surface as there are so many companies that can utilize our product. Additionally, our product team is making so many great strides, so there’s a lot more to offer our current customers. 

What do you think makes us stand out from the rest in terms of places to work?

Definitely the opportunity to work with such household names – very few SaaS companies that are only 5 years old have this opportunity. I have so much pride in telling friends and family the list of companies that we get to work with. On another note, being able to work directly with our CRO, CEO, and the rest of the executive team is definitely special. 

What else should interested candidates know about Scout?

Be prepared to take on a challenge, but the room for opportunity is amazing.  

Want to learn more about our opportunities?

We invite you to learn more about what it means to be a Scout! As Marco shared, Scout’s market opportunity is massive. Every company buys things – and Scout’s here to make their procurement processes smarter, simpler, and more effective. With 220+ diverse clients like Salesforce, Zappos, VSP, and Uber, Scout supports any industry around the world. Check out our careers page here and find your next opportunity! 


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