Announcing SPARK 2020 Keynote Speaker

When you hear the word “loonshot,” what do you think of? An idea so loony, no one in their right mind would believe in it? Or maybe a shot in the dark, with wild hopes pinned on sparking a revolution?

How about the one and only Safi Bahcall? A thoughtful and innovative leader, Safi coined the phrase in his best-selling book Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries and Scout is thrilled to announce that he will be delivering a keynote address at our upcoming SPARK conference in 2020

In Loonshots, Safi reveals a different way of thinking about group behavior and actively challenges everything we thought we knew about fostering those radical breakthroughs that can change the course of human history.

Safi, a doctor of physics and a biotech entrepreneur, regularly speaks with leaders in all sectors, from technology to healthcare, media to military, about strategies for implementing the ideas in Loonshots. At the core of his theories is how to balance the fundamental with the new, and the lessons he’s learned in transformation and reinvention. 

So, what do loonshots have to do with sourcing and procurement? We’re glad you asked! As Mr. Bahcall describes in Loonshots, simply having a great idea is not enough to ignite a movement. To spark a revolution, there must be a truly wild idea, a critical mass of proponents, and careful management of transitions to nurture and launch the idea. 

That’s exactly why we created SPARK three years ago – to celebrate the truth that every Scout customer and employee lives every day: that sourcing and procurement are a transformative source of innovation and impact for every business. So grab your ticket and get ready to join us at SPARK, where over 800 sourcing and procurement leaders will gather to discuss how they’ve launched this wild idea within their own organizations and achieved significant sourcing success. 

Hear from Scout’s CEO Alex Yakubovich on what makes SPARK so exciting:

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