Solving Business Challenges with Scout: Meet Chris Wada, VP of Product

In our Meet the Scouts series, we get to know the people who make the Scout magic possible. This week, we sat down with Chris Wada, Scout’s Vice President of Product, to learn more about how Scout’s platform provides a meaningful solution to historically underserved procurement professionals.

Chris joined the team less than a year ago and has already been instrumental in rolling out many of Scout’s new features such as our contracts API, conditional fields in supplier forms, and updates to our Dynamic Negotiations & Analytics tool. We are ecstatic that Chris is leading the charge with our product, and we can’t wait to see how his leadership will translate into success for our customers. 

Read on to find out what makes Chris so successful, the challenges he’s faced, and how you can join Scout’s product team!

Why did you join Scout?

I joined Scout because of the team! Everyone is very focused on a market that truly needs help. From a product perspective, that’s the perfect place to be. 

Did anything surprise you about Scout once you were working here?

I was shocked at how excited our customers were by Scout’s platform, their fast adoption rates, and how little they’ve been served in the past. Before Scout, their procurement needs were clearly not being met – many still used Excel spreadsheets. Now, they’re super excited about us and our solution. 

How would you describe the environment at Scout?

Collaborative. Everyone here is working together on one mission. It’s definitely a “work hard, play hard” environment, but it’s also rewarding to be a part of a team so dedicated to its customers.

What are the biggest challenges of your role? 

As every company grows, you have to grow in the right way. Scaling a team that will be able to support Scout’s rapid growth as a company and as a product is my number one priority. It’s probably the best challenge one can hope for!

What makes a person successful in your position?

Teamwork. Product goes nowhere without feedback, collaboration, and support from the rest of the organization. 

Can you describe the advancement opportunities on your team?

One of Scout’s core values is to Be an Owner. For my team, that means there’s many opportunities to be involved in several different aspects of product early on and see them through delivery. Here at Scout, you have the chance to grow into roles, explore different paths, and decide if you want to go into management or become an expert at your craft. 

How do you see the market opportunity for Scout’s product?

Huge. Adoption is still very low across the market, and there’s a massive potential for Scout’s platform since it’s not specific to any industry.  

What do you think makes us stand out from the rest in terms of places to work?

Culture. Everyone is focused on making sure not only your department succeeds, but also every other one. Collaboration is huge and this company continues to try and move as one unit. 

What else should interested candidates know about Scout?

It’s not easy to get to the point that Scout has gotten to, so it’s an incredible opportunity to work here. Also, look at what our customers are saying about our product. 

Learn More About What It’s Like to Work at Scout

It’s no secret that we are utterly obsessed with our customers’ success. In fact, one major reason Chris joined our team was our steadfast dedication to solving the true business pains of sourcing professionals everywhere. Chris and the product team have made great strides with Scout’s platform, and they’re just getting started! We are looking for more passionate and motivated team members to help develop our product. Interested in helping us deliver a solution that customers love? Check out our careers page today and find your fit.

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