CAB 2020: ZOOMing Around the World

For CAB 2020, our amazing customers helped us take sourcing to places it’s never been before! With guests hailing from all over the world and sharing their stories, Scout RFP’s 5th annual Customer Advisory Board (CAB) was truly like no other. Over these past five years, we have been humbled by the creativity, innovation, and sheer talent that our customers bring to the table and we are honored to be a part of their sourcing journeys. 

This year we ZOOMed around the world in our very own CA$H CAB (see what we did there 😉), visiting locations like Dublin and Riga that are landmarks in Scout history. Let’s take a look back on our top destinations from CAB 2020.

Customer Partners

By far the best moments from CAB were the presentations by our customers who shared their creative ways for using the platform and best practices for driving results. With speakers from leading brands like LogMeIn, Keybank, Seadrill, and more, we gathered expert insight and feedback on the product. Our top takeaways from our customers? 

  1. Seamless Connectivity – Sourcing and procurement must stay in lock-step with the business in order to provide strategic insight. That’s why we’re focusing on enhancing our APIs to ensure that Sourcing can integrate its data from multiple platforms and keep tightly aligned with its stakeholders.
  2. Intuitive User Interface – As we expand the platform, we want to ensure the same ease-of-use for our customers. We’re including features like task management and updated supplier profiles so our customers can easily track their projects and access the right data at the right time
  3. Total Visibility – With teams spread across geographies, and many working remotely, it’s critical that Sourcing has complete visibility into its projects and pipeline. Over the next year we will work to enhance our reporting capabilities to provide sourcing teams with even more insight into their data.

Using this knowledge, we will continue to expand the Scout platform to meet Sourcing’s ever-evolving needs.

CA$h CAB & Charity Donations

We took a ride on our very own CA$H CAB this year! Our driver, Scout RFP Head of Marketing Michaela Dempsey, took us on a whirlwind adventure through Riga and Dublin before bringing us back to San Francisco. 

Alex and Stan will also donate their CA$H CAB winnings to Girls Who Code, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, DIGDEEP, and Feeding America. We are excited to announce that our parent company, Workday, will be matching these donations.

Product Deep Dives

Another favorite destination of ours was the product deep dives! During these sessions, our customers shared the innovative ways that they are using the Scout platform. They also were able to connect with one another and ask questions about the overall direction of the solution. Scout RFP product managers guided customers through the ins and outs of each module and also gave special sneak peeks of what’s to come.

Future of Strategic Sourcing

What more can we say? From what we’ve learned at this year’s CAB, Sourcing’s future is bright. With over 76K RFPs and billions in total spend managed through Scout RFP, sourcing leaders across every industry are elevating their role and acting as truly strategic partners to the business. From last year alone, Scout’s 475K+ users have more than tripled the amount of projects initiated through the system.

Given the incredible growth we’ve seen over the past five years, we are confident that Sourcing will continue to expand its influence as an integral part of the enterprise.

What’s Next for Scout RFP

With 90+ companies including Lowe’s, Docusign, Sephora, and more in attendance, this CAB was our best yet. Of all the destinations we visited, we are most excited for those yet to come! These past five years working with our customers has shown us the incredible impact that sourcing has on the business as well as its near limitless potential to drive enterprise-wide impact. In this coming year, we are focusing on helping our customers unlock that potential with seamless integrations, enhanced usability, and workflow automation. As our customers continue to innovate and take Sourcing to new heights, we are honored to continue supporting their success. 

Curious about how Scout RFP can help you achieve better business outcomes? Schedule a demo today and learn how you can elevate your strategic sourcing organization and drive major impact for your business.

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