Strategic CPO Tools to Make Your Processes Faster, Less Risky, and More Transparent

This CPO toolkit provides resources created by the C-Suite, for the C-Suite.

Changing your sourcing process isn’t easy. Bottlenecks and blockers don’t make it any easier, and mounting complexities from legal, contracting, and finance make it hard to prioritize.

Today’s Chief Procurement Officer is under rising pressures to deliver on objectives. In fact, less than 50% of CPOs have confidence in their team’s core capabilities, so procurement organizations are under fire to evolve. But what actions should be taken to do that?

Rather than reinvent the wheel, leading C-Level executives turn to their peers for proven advice on what to do–and even more critically, what not to do. With knowledge sharing in mind, this CPO toolkit offers role-specific resources that highlight what actions to prioritize and why.

Featuring success stories, frameworks, and game plans, this starting point will help you rethink your sourcing process pertaining to stakeholders needs, supplier value, and spend under management.

Core competencies covered includes ideas for:

CPO Tools: Planning and Leadership

Aligning Sourcing and Procurement Goals with Enterprise Objectives

  • Assess performance against your 2018 sourcing and procurement goals
  • Take corrective actions to drive transformative business impact
  • Engage with stakeholders through a self-service model
CPO Tools: Key Procurement Business Processes

Mitigating Risk and Compliance

  • Operationalize the process of onboarding and vetting suppliers
  • Measure and monitor risk
  • Find ways to improve supplier performance

Improving Sourcing Agility

  • Develop stronger and more collaborative bonds with stakeholders
  • Change internal processes quickly and efficiently to align with changing business needs
  • Execute repeatable planning, logistics and reporting

CPO Tools: People Performance

Optimizing Processes and Team Efficiency

  • Augment capabilities of a lean team in a complex organization
  • Specialize team skill sets in data management, analysis, and execution
  • Ensure that scalable processes are in place through automation and transparent dashboarding
CPO Tools: Planning and Leadership

Translating Hyper-Goals into Hyper-Growth

Featuring Paul Melchiorre, Global Customer Officer at Anaplan

CPO Tools: Key Procurement Business Processes

Center of Excellence: Bridging the Gap Between the Business and Procurement

Featuring Visionary CPO, Greg Tennyson, VSP Global

CPO Tools: People Performance

Dynamic Strategies for Improving Sourcing Agility

Featuring Randy J. Estep, Executive Director of Global IT Procurement at Laureate Education