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Adventures in Extreme Sourcing with NYC Sourcing Leaders

What do a deluxe porta potty, a railroad across the world’s highest sand dune, a sanitary product prototype, and a curving shower curtain have in common? They’re all prototypes of sourcing innovation. After all, if it exists, it can be sourced — and, as the latest NYCSL meeting at MDC Partners demonstrated, even if it… read more

CPO Trends

Powerful Predictions: Are These Expert CPO Trends on Your Radar?

New technology drives change. And generally in a positive way. Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen sales, marketing, IT, and security undergo massive shifts in process, capability, and strategic importance. And yet, the procurement and sourcing industry is only in the early stages of technology adoption. Deloitte’s recent Global CPO survey found only one… read more

In the [Product] Picture: Supplier Segmentation

In this blog series, we keep you in the picture with the latest and greatest from Scout’s product team. Supplier Segmentation is on deck this week. Over to Chris Crane, co-founder and VP of product… Earlier in the year we released Supplier Performance Management, which answers the age-old question of how to maximize value from… read more

Announcing Scout's March Madness Winner

The Results are In: Announcing Scout’s March Madness Bracket Winner

Arguably the greatest postseason in sports, NCAA’s March Madness bracket competition has made yet another trip around the sun. With 90% of workers agreeing that office pools build better camaraderie, it’s no wonder so many professionals took part in this year’s competition (college basketball fan or not). Conversely, it’s practically impossible to fill out a… read more

Procurement Plan

3 Keys to Supporting Savings with your Procurement Plan

While you’ve probably taken a ride with Uber, you might be less familiar with how strategic its procurement team is to the company’s overall success. By creating a foundation built on collaboration and alignment, Uber’s Head of Global Strategic Sourcing has developed and executed on a solid procurement plan over the last 2+ years, with… read more

gdpr compliance

Ask Suppliers These 8 Questions to Measure GDPR Compliance

53 days. That’s how long we have before the General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect, and many teams are still scrambling to tackle the final items on their GDPR to-do lists. At this point, most companies have the basics in place – appointing their Data Privacy Officer, identifying processes for handling personal data, and… read more

Customer Success Tip: Supplier Performance Management Overview

Want to maximize value from supplier relationships? Look to Scout’s Supplier Performance Management tool. How does Supplier Performance Management help you? It enables sourcing professionals to: Easily track supplier performance and quickly gauge impact to the business Gather comprehensive feedback from stakeholders Share development plans to increase value from the supply base Standardized review templates across your KPIs Why use it? The Supplier… read more

procurement process

Enhance Your Procurement Process So it’s Easy to Do More

If you’re hung up on manual tasks, disparate spreadsheets, and siloed data, then achieving a single line of sight into your procurement process will make it easy to do more. Despite today’s disruptive climate, procurement is progressing to become a more strategic function. However, without a real-time view of suppliers, contracts, or project statuses, procurement… read more