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Product Update: Team Chat

As a former category manager, I know there is nothing more important than the support of your internal stakeholders. This can lead to your success or failure.  We’ve built the Scout platform with better stakeholder engagement as a core value. We encourage sourcing teams to add stakeholders early and often. This improves collaboration and transparency… read more

VSP Global Leverages Scout to Drive Strategic Sourcing

Scout’s Platform Supports Real-Time Decision Making to Grow VSP’s Strategic Partnerships San Francisco, CA — September 19, 2016 — VSP Global®, the largest healthcare company by membership and provider of affordable, high-quality eye care and eyewear, has implemented Scout RFP’s strategic sourcing platform to strengthen its business partnerships and better align with the goals of the organization. “Scout… read more

TechCrunch Streamlines Disrupt Sourcing

From AI to VR, this year’s TechCrunch Disrupt promises to be even more exciting than the last. Happening right now in San Francisco, Disrupt is a must-attend conference for innovators and entrepreneurs looking to break into the startup scene–and Scout was lucky enough to be a part of it. TechCrunch’s (an affiliate of AOL Inc.)… read more

Automation Innovation Webinar: Thursday, September 15th

Archaic processes still exist in every industry–yes, even tech. But, how do we disrupt the “this is how we’ve always done it” mentality? Our upcoming webinar, led by Scout COO Andrew Durlak, will focus on how sourcing professionals can leverage technology automation to accelerate existing processes and have a greater strategic impact on the organization–even… read more

Customer Success Tip: Recycle Existing Events

Don’t start from scratch! Recycle your existing sourcing events to ensure compliance across your organization and get team members up and running in Scout faster and easier than ever before. There are two ways to recycle existing events: Start an event from a template Duplicate an existing sourcing event Start from Templates Using templates is a fantastic… read more

Analysis Paralysis: Seizing Real-Time Sourcing Opportunities

What do Steve Jobs, grocery shoppers, and sourcing professionals have in common? They have all been impacted by decision fatigue. Decision fatigue is the idea that we all have a limited reservoir of mental energy to draw from and each decision we make–from choosing what to wear, to picking out groceries–draws from this same pool…. read more

Bid Comparison

Customer Success Tip: Side-By-Side Bid Comparison

Deciding which supplier to award a contract to–especially in a tight field of competitors–is one of the most challenging aspects of the sourcing process. One of the key benefits of Scout’s platform is that it generates simple, apples-to-apples comparisons of the bid submissions you receive. You can view these bid comparisons within Scout or export… read more