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Product Update: Custom Fields

Today, cloud-based CRMs like have set the standard for metadata and custom configuration for all other enterprise software providers. We knew early on in the founding of Scout that custom fields would be crucial for our customers to analyze and optimize their processes. Scout’s customer base spans manufacturing, technology, software, healthcare, retail, hospitality, and… read more

Customer Success Tip: Using Templates

This week’s Customer Success Tip is all about sustainable sourcing. We encourage all of our users to create event templates, so that they never have to start an event from scratch. Templates help create a more sustainable process via greater time savings and quality control by helping you minimize mistakes and make exact copies of… read more

How to Win Friends & Influence Stakeholders: 3 Sales Tips for Sourcing

Sourcing professionals are used to being on the buyer’s side of the negotiation, but what can they learn from the other side of the table? In this week’s Art of Procurement podcast, Philip Ideson interviewed our founder Stan Garber on sales best practices sourcing professionals can use to win friends and influence stakeholders internally and… read more

Greater Value With Digitization Blog

Greater Value With Digitization: 4 Tips From a Global Sourcing Leader

At the inaugural Silicon Valley Sourcing Leaders’ (SVS Leaders) event, leading sourcing and procurement group McKinsey shared sage advice on how to capture greater value through digitization. How are innovative companies patching up their leaky processes? (Hint: eProcurement isn’t the answer). Here are our top four takeaways: “E” is Out Like listing Excel on your… read more

SVS Leaders

Silicon Valley Sourcing Leaders Event: Innovative Wisdom From A Forward-Thinking Group

SVSL founders from left to right: Matthew Ziskie (Airbnb), Cindy Yan (Twitter), Stan Garber (Scout RFP), Andree Peterson (ServiceNow), Neil Aronson (Uber), Rendi Miller (Splunk) Last Thursday, Silicon Valley Sourcing Leaders (SVSL) hosted their inaugural event, bringing sourcing innovators together for “fireside chats,” craft beer, and charcuterie at Splunk’s office in San Francisco. I was… read more

Self-Driving Negotiations: Navigating New Ways to Close Deals

Are traditional negotiations leading you astray? New, self-driving negotiations could save your supplier partnerships from decision fatigue over long, convoluted deals. With automated, multi-round supplier evaluations, organizations no longer have to sacrifice due diligence for speed when choosing the best business partner. The Quickest Route to Yes Evaluating a new market opportunity, supplier capabilities, and… read more

Bay Watch: Silicon Valley Sourcing Event Shapes Up For Summer

Amidst the race to become Silicon Valley’s next golden child, a group of innovators is challenging the status quo and the idea that sourcing teams should be siloed from their organizations and each other. Rendi Miller, Director of Travel and Procurement at Splunk has teamed up with transformational sourcing leaders from Silicon Valley’s fastest growing… read more