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What’s Missing From Your Reported Savings?

If procurement saves the company money, but it doesn’t get reported, did it really even happen? The answer is, of course it did. But, procurement managers know well that there are the numbers you can report to finance…and then there’s the whole story. And while most procurement departments use savings as a performance benchmark, every… read more

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Expert Insight

By Joanna Martinez Principal, Supply Chain Advisors LLC When prioritizing suppliers, many buyers focus on the “spend cube”, a Pareto analysis summarizing total spend by supplier. As a result, whether we’re working on supplier diversity, risk management, or cost reduction, we tend to spend a lot of time at the top with the largest suppliers,… read more

Vaxess Works to Eliminate Polio, Revolutionizes Supply Chain

Photo via When companies respond to logistical challenges with innovation, it’s a beautiful thing. Vaxess Technologies, founded by Harvard grad Michael Schraeder, is doing just that. With backing from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and most recently Verizon, Vaxess has developed shelf-stable vaccines that can be shipped globally,… read more

Expert Insight

Supplier Risk Management Still The Elephant in the Boardroom By Joanna Martinez The Supply Chain Practice Lead for a large consulting firm once told me that the #1 request he receives from his clients centers on risk management. So much so, that he laughingly counsels job seekers to figure out a better way of risk… read more

Building Your Best Business Case: A How-To

In our previous post “The Pitfalls of Pitching eSourcing” we talked about how to deal with pushback when pitching a new tech solution. And while establishing the scope, implementation, and ROI for a new solution are crucial to successful adoption, sometimes it’s not always what you say, it’s how you say it. A well-crafted business… read more

Procurement Needs A Particular Set Of Skills To Build Influence

“I don’t know who you are, I don’t know what you want…” As a procurement professional, you may recognize this Liam Neeson quote from the movie “Taken,” or from your internal monologue when dealing with uncooperative internal stakeholders. The good new is that you don’t have to be an ex-CIA agent to track down and… read more

“Is There A Doctor In The House?” Looping In Subject Matter Experts

To serve multiple functional teams within an organization, procurement professionals need to be jacks-of-all-trades. But, as a category manager sourcing niche products or services, sometimes you need to call in the experts. They may not be doctors, but subject-matter experts, or SMEs, can be a huge help in keeping your supplier relations happy and healthy…. read more

The Measure Of Success: Are You Tracking The Right Procurement KPIs?

  The word “value” gets tossed around a lot when discussing the function of procurement within an organization. As a procurement leader, your goal may be to ensure that your team continues to “add value” by aligning itself with the long and short-term goals of your organization. But if your goal isn’t measurable, how do… read more