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Attracting Top Suppliers to Your RFI

In our last post, we talked about how and when to incorporate an RFI into your sourcing process. However, understanding when an RFI can save your company time and resources is just the first step to implementing them effectively. After all, even structuring your RFI properly to gain the most valuable information from suppliers does… read more

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“Why the I?” When To Use An RFI In Your Sourcing Process

For many companies starting a new sourcing project, the first instinct is often to skip to good stuff; drafting an RFP or RFQ for the actual good or service desired. But what happens when you find yourself in foreign territory,  sourcing a product or service that you’ve never needed before, or pursuing a relationship with… read more

RFQ v.s. RFP: Why 1 Letter Can Have a Big Impact

While many people use the terms interchangeably, a single letter can have a huge impact on the type of responses you receive from your suppliers. Understanding the difference between an RFP and RFQ and knowing when to use each can help your company find the best solution for the lowest price. Mind Your Ps &… read more


While running an RFP is a great opportunity to save tons of money on a good or service, it also comes with the risk of providing sensitive information about your organization to multiple suppliers with whom you may or may not have an established relationship. The good news is that as a buyer, protective legal… read more

Understaffed Teams Need New Sourcing Tech

Continued from our previous blog post, “Growing Need For People In Sourcing”. Read it here. In an SCM World survey of 620 executives, ‘people’ was most commonly selected as the biggest challenge facing their procurement teams. While in general, adding ‘people’ to the equation can complicate even the best laid corporate strategies, these execs touted… read more

Growing Need For People In Strategic Sourcing

Companies’ procurement units may no longer consist of lone bookkeepers drafting spreadsheets in a back office, but today’s sourcing teams are stretched just as thin. As executives begin to realize the impact of strategic sourcing on their company’s bottom line, understaffed procurement teams are struggling to keep up with their growing role within organizations. High… read more

4 Tips For Your Next RFP

Think of running an RFP like corporate speed dating; not only do you want to put your best face forward and solicit competitive bids from vendors, but you want to find the best match for your company. Ideally, the process will facilitate an effective relationship with your supplier. With all of this on the line,… read more

Zero to eSourcing: 60 minutes or Less

Is eSourcing on your Initiatives List for 2015? Good news, you can now cross it off your list quickly and easily. How? Nix installation and training by going with Scout RFP. Here’s how we do it: 1. We put it on the web so you don’t have to install anything and can access it form anywhere… read more