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Sourcing in the Cloud Just Makes Sense

Not long ago, to hear someone say they “work in the cloud” sounded looney. Today, that phrase signifies a progressive business that uses a flexible, accessible-from-anywhere computing solution that outperforms traditional office-based systems. It’s also a good sign your business should, too. Here’s why: Lower cost: Cloud computing solutions (a.k.a. “software as a service” or… read more

Why Painless RFPs is a Noble Mission

People ask us all the time how we can be so passionate about Painless RFPs here at Scout RFP. Sure, part of it is that we’ve gone through the agony of filling out MANY RFPs in our day. We definitely want to make sure that if we ever end up on the business end of… read more

Scout RFP just got funded!

We’re excited to announce that Scout RFP has raised financing from leading venture capital firms New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Google Ventures, Zapis Capital and a group of amazing angels (Richard King, Howard Mandel, Morris Wheeler, Jason Payne, Gavin Turner, Techammer, & Tim O’Shaughnessy). Today’s press release chronicles the funding details, but what really makes this milestone… read more