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Extract More Insights From Your Sourcing Data With Our New Scout Reports

Data is everywhere. The trouble is knowing what to do with it. And for most modern sourcing teams, those three words too accurately describe the current state of their reporting. In most companies, data is dispersed across a vast collection of spreadsheets, hard drives, cloud storage, and stacks of paper. Sourcing teams have struggled to… read more

scout executives

Welcoming Two New Scout Executives: Jerry Brooner and Sarvesh Mathur

Today, I have the pleasure of introducing the two newest members of our executive team at Scout, Jerry Brooner and Sarvesh Mathur. Together, these two Scout executives will be helping us scale up our organization, our go-to-market capabilities, and the power of our platform. I firmly believe that we should be constantly upgrading the power… read more

procurement recruitment

How to Hone in on Your Untapped Sourcing Talent

There’s only a limited number of ways you can quantify the idea of “success” – it isn’t always tangible or straightforward. And with the transformation of today’s procurement space, the expectations of what makes a “successful” sourcing hire continues to shift, making it harder for companies to succeed in procurement recruitment. In fact, managing skilled… read more

sourcing reading list

Five Things for Your Sourcing Summer Reading List

Summer – it’s on and you should be too! Whether you’re enjoying vacation, sipping a margarita, or just kicking back, the summertime is the best season to read, watch, listen, and learn! Still, with less than five weeks until Labor Day, you’re surely wondering how you can level-up your procurement skills. Or, is it just… read more

sourcing leaders

In a New York Minute: Sourcing Pros Explain Finding Needles in a Haystack

Sourcing leaders bring unique skill sets that aid them in melding the right strategies, suppliers, partners, and tools needed to impact the business. But often times, when you’re up against an endless surge of incoming requests, “doing it all” feels more like finding needles in a haystack. Addressing this topic, the New York City Sourcing… read more

Strategic procurement

3 Reliable Ways to Get Procurement Involved in Strategic Decision-Making

As someone who looks after hundreds of business relationships, I have many in-depth conversations with strategic procurement leaders on a regular basis. And a question we hear often is: How do best-in-class procurement teams proactively engage stakeholders? This is on the minds of most forward-thinking leaders because, all too often, the procurement department is not… read more

extreme sourcing

Adventures in Extreme Sourcing with Chicago Sourcing Leaders

“There is absolutely no value of doing all this good work and really driving procurement forward if you don’t tell anyone.” A survey of 45 CPOs from large, global organizations found that successful CPOs were likely to be “brilliant at understanding and expressing ideas, as extroverted as a sales person, and better with words than… read more