ALEX YAKUBOVICH CEO Even before founding Scout, Alex has been on a mission to make commerce faster, safer, and more transparent. Previously, he co-founded ONOSYS, which was acquired by LivingSocial in 2012.
STAN GARBER President As President, Stan leads Scout's go-to-market activities. He previously co-founded ONOSYS with Alex, where he led the business development and financial functions.
ANDREW DURLAK Co-Founder & VP of Operations Andrew brings his deep expertise in finance, private equity, and investment banking to the Scout Operations team.
CHRIS CRANE Co-Founder & VP of Product Chris leads the product and design teams at Scout, bringing his passion for building solutions to make life easier and today his mission is to make the world of sourcing simpler for all.
JERRY BROONER CRO Jerry brings 20 years of enterprise experience to Scout and is responsible for global revenue growth. Prior to Scout, Jerry built high growth teams at Dropbox, SAP, Callidus, and Siebel Systems.
GRANT SHIRK VP of Marketing Grant brings extensive experience in enterprise SaaS marketing strategy and execution from his time building product marketing teams at Box, Microsoft, and Tellme Networks.
SARVESH MATHUR CTO As CTO, Sarvesh brings his passion for supply chain dynamics and his experience solving enterprise-scale logistics challenges to Scout’s innovative engineering team.