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Thursday 04.18.2019 Dynamic negotiations and sourcing optimization holds much promise for crunching the vast amount of data that procurement organizations increasingly face — as well as enabling cutting costs, saving time and guiding buyers and suppliers to better decisions. But to date, the tools used for negotiations and optimization have been too complex for most professionals to... read more
Wednesday 04.10.2019 “We are presenting this award to Scout because Scout has given Unitywater much stronger capabilities to serve our customers better,” said Namejs Kins, Branch Manager Procurement, Unitywater. “It is very important to emphasize that Scout’s platform isn’t just administrative software; it’s a real value driver.”... read more
Tuesday 04.2.2019 More than 400 professionals, from all over the globe, gathered to hear about sourcing best practices full of grit, triumph, and transformation from every imaginable industry during the recent SPARK 2019 conference. Honestly, I am still reeling from the experience.... read more
Friday 03.29.2019 Scout’s users represent a new breed of purchasing managers and executives. They’re looking to change the role of the purchasing department. They’re looking to be a knowledge resource that supports a company’s product, marketing and production strategies. A department that goes beyond being measured solely on savings. This change is more important in today’s business.... read more
Wednesday 03.13.2019 Spark 2019 mainly focused on customer success with little time devoted to promoting the software itself. Strategically, this fits in with Scout RFP’s customers and target audiences. Scout’s users represent a new breed of purchasing managers and executives. They’re looking to change the role of the purchasing department.... read more
Tuesday 03.5.2019 “Scout DNA empowers sourcing professionals to inform their negotiation strategy by quickly analyzing a side-by-side comparison of bids and savings calculations to get a sense of the best possible business outcome.”... read more
Thursday 02.14.2019 “SPARK will bring together the best and brightest minds for a productive environment of discussion, with more than 20 sessions focusing on problems we’re all working to solve in our businesses,” said Scout RFP President Stan Garber. “Our venue, the SFJAZZ Center, meets a specific, unique need for the community as the ‘first free-standing building... read more
Tuesday 01.15.2019 One reason Scale Venture Partners was so interested in investing: Scout RFP is the latest startup to apply consumer-app-style experiences to a neglected area of back office software. “They’re doing it in a way that’s usable and user-friendly,” says Scale partner Alex Niehenke. “We talked to one large enterprise vendor and ten of their customers,... read more
Friday 12.14.2018 Reshaping KPIs is the first step toward rebuilding better processes. New research shows that many organizations are making this change by viewing their process through a new lens–a pipeline of sourcing opportunities. And it’s a near-perfect parallel to the familiar and trusted sales pipeline process. By emulating this blueprint, sourcing can develop a system for... read more
Friday 11.30.2018 Sales leaders view opportunities as belonging to a progressive funnel, with discrete stages that can be viewed, measured and analyzed. By emulating the sales model, procurement can also establish a unified framework to identify, qualify, manage and follow up on opportunities. This new, pipeline-based way of approaching procurement can help organizations become more transparent, collaborative... read more
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04.10.2019 - Scout RFP Receives Awards from Unitywater and Palo Alto Networks Reflecting Extraordinary Impact

Platform’s Ease of Use, Collaboration, Great Efficiency, Glowing Feedback and Proactive Support Cited SAN FRANCISCO — April 10, 2019 — Scout RFP, the Sourcing and supplier engagement platform, today announced it has received two awards from customers Unitywater and Palo Alto Networks, reflecting the extraordinary impact Scout has made on their organizations. Unitywater, the progressive water… read more

02.27.2019 - Scout RFP Launches Dynamic Negotiation Analytics to Enable Dynamic Supplier Negotiation

New Scout DNA Speeds Process to Optimize Vendor Selection and Cost Reduction SAN FRANCISCO — February 27, 2019 — Scout RFP, the Sourcing and supplier engagement platform, today announced the launch of Scout Dynamic Negotiation Analytics (Scout DNA), a new module for its sourcing and supplier engagement platform to enable deeper and multifaceted supplier negotiation and… read more

02.14.2019 - Scout RFP Puts Sourcing Center Stage at Second Annual SPARK Conference

Scout gathers forward-thinking leaders to explore Sourcing’s impactful role in enterprise success SAN FRANCISCO — February 14, 2019 — Scout RFP, the Sourcing and supplier engagement platform, today announces its second annual SPARK conference from Feb. 26-27 at the SFJAZZ Center. At SPARK 2019, more than 600 Sourcing and Procurement professionals from around the globe will… read more

01.15.2019 - Scout RFP Raises $33M to Define the Future of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement including investments from Scale Venture Partners and Workday Ventures

Over 175 global enterprises rely on Scout to drive cost savings, collaborate with strategic suppliers, and manage key contracts, making enterprise commerce faster, safer, and more transparent SAN FRANCISCO – January 15, 2019 –Today, Scout RFP, the sourcing and supplier engagement platform, announced it has raised $33M in Series C funding. Over the last twelve… read more

11.19.2018 - Scout RFP is recognized as a 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Strategic Sourcing Application Suites

The Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction Is Based on Feedback and Ratings From Technology Decision Makers Who Have Experience Purchasing, Implementing and/or Using Scout’s Platform San Francisco, CA, November 19th, 2018 – Scout RFP, the sourcing and supplier engagement platform, today announced they were named a 2018 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Strategic… read more

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