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Wednesday 08.26.2020 Five operating principles that I’ve seen all high-growth start-ups apply. For venture-backed companies, the clock to the cash-out date is always ticking. Growth requires funding, and for more funding, venture investors expect a company to hit certain growth milestones. The outcome is almost binary. Hit the milestones, and investors will line up, making it a... read more
Wednesday 08.26.2020 SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Scout RFP, a Workday company and leading cloud-based platform for strategic sourcing and supplier engagement, today announced new recognitions from prominent industry analysts and organizations. The Company was designated a Key Solution Provider in 2020 by Ardent Partners and named a finalist by the 2020 SaaS Awards program for its strengths in project management, workflow automation and productivity improvement.... read more
Wednesday 07.29.2020 For the last several years, financial institutions have set their sights on innovation, technology and digital transformation – all as a means to make operations more cost-efficient and customer experiences more enhanced. The COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly turned such aspirations into necessities, with cost-savings, operational agility and business continuity more important than ever. In fact,... read more
Monday 07.6.2020 Over the past few months, businesses everywhere have come to recognize that a return to normalcy may not be in the cards in the near-term. Almost 3 in 4 companies have reported supply chain disruptions in some capacity due to Coronavirus-related transportation restrictions, with over 80% believing their organization will be impacted as a result of disruptions.... read more
Thursday 07.2.2020 Case Western Reserve graduates accomplish an incredible amount during their time on campus and go on to conquer even greater ventures across the board. Meet 10 people you may or may not know who attended CWRU: 1. Stephanie Tubbs Jones: An American politician who served as the U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 11th congressional district. She was the... read more
Tuesday 06.23.2020 Scout RFP, which works in cloud-based sourcing and supplier engagement, has integrated with artificial intelligence (AI)-driven analytics platform Suplari in a bid to let customers access better spend visibility and analytics, according to a press release. The integration comes after Scout RFP’s acquisition by Workday last December, the release states. In that case, the acquisition was made due to Workday’s desire to... read more
Wednesday 05.27.2020 Welcome to Workday’s First Quarter Fiscal 2021 Earnings Conference Call. On the call we have Aneel Bhusri, our CEO; Robynne Sisco, our Co-President and CFO; Chano Fernandez, our Co-President; and Tom Bogan, our Vice Chairman. Following prepared remarks, we will take questions. Watch the Q1 2021 Earnings Call replay.... read more
Monday 05.4.2020 The Resiliency Imperative continues tomorrow May 5th at 2 PM ET with an on-demand session Session 19: Top Strategies for Leading a Resilient Procurement Organization, sponsored by Scout RFP a Workday company). Before the pandemic, “resiliency” was a crucial attribute of any successful procurement team. Today, it is mission critical. During today’s challenging times, procurement executives must leverage collaborative,... read more
Tuesday 04.21.2020 Cloud HCM and financials vendor Workday gave some insights how the company and its customers around the world are adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic, during the opening of its virtual summit for industry analysts today. While the purpose of the session was to brief analysts on the company’s products, technology and go-to-market strategy, inevitably the... read more
Tuesday 03.17.2020 The latest quarterly report from Workday (WDAY) showed solid results for the company’s cloud-based financial management solutions. In a now more challenging environment for enterprise software sales, Workday is working hard to maintain that positive momentum. In late February, Workday reported above-consensus numbers for fiscal Q4 (ended January), highlighted by a strong performance from the core human capital... read more
Wednesday 03.11.2020 In today’s fast-moving retail environment, it’s more critical than ever that companies invest in strengthening the foundations of their business. To succeed in this ever-evolving market, business leaders must bring products to market faster, attract new customers, and stand out against increasing competition. A tech-enabled approach to sourcing and supplier strategy is one fundamental way retailers can set themselves up to not... read more
Monday 03.9.2020 What industry isn’t rapidly evolving due to competition, global uncertainty and business models that circumvent the traditional norms? Retailers especially are hit hard by the evolving business maze that requires organizations to remain nimble and invest in strengthening strategic foundations. To be successful, retail business leaders must prioritize identifying and attracting new customers while bringing... read more
Tuesday 02.11.2020 In the old days of enterprise software, when companies like IBM, Oracle and Microsoft ruled the roost, there was a tendency to shop from a single vendor. You bought the whole stack, which made life easier for IT — even if it didn’t always work out so well for end users, who were stuck using... read more
Sunday 02.2.2020 In an age of economic uncertainty, geopolitical unrest and emerging cybersecurity threats, risk management has become a critical boardroom priority. Today, global businesses are not only accountable for the factors that impact them directly, they’re also responsible for those that impact their suppliers. According to the Deloitte Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey 2019, chief procurement officers are... read more
Thursday 01.16.2020 A month ago, cloud HCM and finance vendor Workday closed its acquisition of strategic sourcing startup Scout RFP. This week I spoke to Scout RFP co-founder and President Stan Garber as well as Tony Rizzo, VP and General Manager of Workday Supply Chain, about their plans for the year ahead. Workday’s sudden entry into the sourcing... read more
Wednesday 01.15.2020 For many SaaS companies – rapid growth brings a wealth of new challenges to tackle – particularly when it comes to recruiting and enabling sales teams to meet revenue targets and lay a foundation for customer success, at scale. Continuing to scale a sales team after an acquisition requires focus on three core areas –... read more
Wednesday 01.15.2020 Scout RFP has taken on some of the largest enterprise technology companies in the world by designing an intuitive platform for procurement that has been adopted by clients including Netflix, Sephora, Hulu and others. The San Francisco-based startup taps feedback from hundreds of procurement professionals to create a cloud-based alternative to manual Excel spreadsheets that streamlines companies’ sourcing and supplier... read more
Tuesday 12.10.2019 Growing economic uncertainty, geopolitical unrest, and emerging cyber threats mean that security and risk management are now critical boardroom priorities. If that weren’t enough, businesses today are not only accountable for the factors that impact them directly, but they’re also responsible for those that impact their suppliers. Take the recent Quest Diagnostics data breach as an example.... read more
Monday 12.9.2019 PLEASANTON, Calif., Dec. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Workday, Inc. (NASDAQ:WDAY), a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, has completed its acquisition of Scout RFP, a leading cloud-based platform for strategic sourcing and supplier engagement. With Scout RFP now part of Workday, customers will be able to expand how they plan, execute, analyze, and extend in one... read more
Friday 12.6.2019 When CEOs partner with procurement, they can dramatically increase their business’s profitability while maintaining growth goals and reducing risk. Like most CEOs, my role at Scout encompasses everything from improving our product offerings to growing our customer base to making strategic financial decisions—and everything in between. With so many duties to juggle, it isn’t surprising... read more
Wednesday 11.6.2019 Workday Inc.’s acquisition of sourcing firm Scout RFP Inc. brings it further along the path to becoming a full-service ERP vendor, according to analysts. Workday is paying $540 million for San Francisco-based Scout, the firm said this week. The deal is expected to close in Workday’s fourth quarter, which ends Jan. 31. This is the... read more
Wednesday 11.6.2019 Workday announced this afternoon that it has entered into an agreement to acquire online procurement platform Scout RFP for $540 million. The company raised more than $60 million on a post valuation of $184.5 million, according to PitchBook data. The acquisition builds on top of Workday’s  existing procurement solutions, Workday Procurement and Workday Inventory, but Workday chief product product officer Petros... read more
Monday 11.4.2019 Workday, Inc. (NASDAQ:WDAY), a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, and Scout RFP, a leading cloud-based platform for strategic sourcing and supplier engagement, have signed a definitive agreement under which Workday will acquire Scout RFP in an all cash transaction. Comments on the News “Scout RFP is an industry leader that is loved by procurement teams... read more
Monday 11.4.2019 Sourcing and procurement play a crucial role in every organization, helping mitigate risk, manage spend, improve supplier performance, and so much more. Even in today’s digital age, though, businesses continue to use legacy ERP tools, spreadsheets, emails, and other decentralized tools to manually manage procurement. That’s where Scout RFP comes in to provide much-needed capabilities of collaboration, real-time... read more
Thursday 10.31.2019 BOSTON – Ardent Partners, a leading analyst firm focused on supply management, hosted the fourth annual CPO Honors Gala, in Boston yesterday. During the ceremony, sponsored by Tradeshift, Ardent Partners presented awards for outstanding performance and execution in the last year – “The CPO Honors” – to a variety of high achievers including Chief Procurement Officers and... read more
Thursday 10.31.2019 Legacy tools are near obsolete as procurement teams seek automated sourcing solutions that allow for collaboration and real-time transparency to garner better results. In fact, according to Deloitte’s 2018 Global CPO Survey, 61% of procurement leaders delivered better year-over-year savings performance than last year after implementing automated sourcing tools. However, it has been difficult for CPOs... read more
Monday 10.28.2019 SIG, the premier membership organization for sourcing, procurement and outsourcing, recognizes the winners of its second annual Future of Sourcing Awards. The Awards program, which took place Wednesday, October 16, 2019, recognized companies and individuals that are transforming, innovating and leading the sourcing, procurement and outsourcing industry. The winner of each award represented the best... read more
Wednesday 10.9.2019 Vision is a funny thing. Until relatively recently, humans were at the mercy of circumstance when it came to sight – if you had 2020 vision, you were lucky, but if not, you had no choice but to hope for the best. Then, glasses, telescopes and microscopes were invented. Then, flashlights. Suddenly, we could see... read more
Thursday 09.26.2019 INDIVIDUAL LEADERSHIP AWARDS: Through peer nominations, our executive winners were selected based on their track record of achieving goals, leadership skills, and ability to attract and retain talent. SAAS MARKETING LEADER AWARD WINNER: Michaela Dempsey – VP of Demand and Head of Marketing – Scout RFP... read more
Monday 09.23.2019 When you’re trying to raise dollars for your business it’s always best to learn from experience and Alex and Stan are sharing their incredible journey with Scout RFP, the second company they’ve raised venture capital for after successfully exiting their first business.... read more
Thursday 09.19.2019 SEPTEMBER 19, 2019 There are some great lessons in this interview about the importance of listening to your customers, not jumping into building a product straight away and being really focused with your MVP by solving a really small problem at the start.... read more
Monday 09.16.2019 Alex Yakubovich co-founder and CEO of Scout RFP, a SaaS product that helps companies with their strategic sourcing and procurement. Alex started a web development company when he was in college. Over time, it evolved into an online ordering software product that the team sold to restaurant chains. By graduation the business was making 6-figures... read more
Thursday 09.12.2019 As part of a study on market dynamics, this forecast report explains factors affecting the global market growth. The authors of the report have provided a broad competitive assessment, detailed regional study, and other different types of research studies to give a complete analysis of the global market. The report can be used as an... read more
Tuesday 09.10.2019 Once plans are developed and an implementation carried out, failure is never assumed to be a possibility. The phrase “Failure is not an option” is usually associated with the fabled Apollo 13 moon landing, although the ideal is spread much broader than rocket science these days. …Many time procurement systems are not adopted or used... read more
Tuesday 09.10.2019 Our number one value at Scout is “Obsess over the Customer.” I live that value every single day so I don’t actually feel like I have left direct sales. Additionally, I make it a point to stay very involved in so many of our customer and prospect interactions to ensure I stay very close to... read more
Friday 09.6.2019 67 percent of startups fail to exit or raise additional funding; just 48 percent of startups make it to a second round of funding; and only 15 percent raise a fourth round of funding, typically a Series C. Leaders of software startups must adjust their leadership approach to continuously build and sustain a winning company... read more
Thursday 08.29.2019 …Examining the contracting clauses ahead of the merger is vital. “A lot of companies aren’t sophisticated in the contracting process,” Garber said. He continued to say that if companies can’t get out of contracts during the merger, that is a huge liability. “It will make moving supplier bases almost impossible,” he told Supply Chain Dive.... read more
Monday 08.26.2019 In the age of big data and cloud computing, some software vendors are urging supplies and buyers to take a fresh look at reverse auctions. According to sourcing and procurement software provider ScoutRFP, procurement teams today stand to save between 12 and 24 percent through the use of reverse auctions.What’s changed since reverse auctions were considered anathema... read more
Tuesday 08.13.2019 If you have happy customers and a good product, you might think that’s enough to have an effective marketing campaign. However, in order to be truly effective, you also need to have customers reviewing and recommending your products or services. –> 3. Invite Customers to be a Part of the Strategy... read more
Monday 08.12.2019 3. Focus On Company Momentum: After having that initial conversation with investors, it’s essential that your company isn’t quiet. PR is always important to any business, but it’s an essential and non-negotiable need for a startup. To build investor and customer confidence, it’s critical to have a positive flow of news and coverage in top-tier... read more
Friday 08.9.2019 At our annual SPARK customer conference in 2019, former CEO of GE Jeff Immelt said, “These are your tools. They should elevate your voice. You should be able to drive that conversation.” Whether teams work with Scout or other providers, we’re all experiencing the same unstoppable momentum: as an industry, we’re focusing on the user... read more
Thursday 08.8.2019 Many enterprises continue to run procurement on outdated legacy ERP tools, spreadsheets, email, and simple office tools. These historically useful but outdated tools are far from collaborative and do not provide the enterprise visibility needed to have a real-time understanding of sourcing decisions. Organizations that use these outdated tools spend more time manually juggling decisions... read more
Friday 08.2.2019 “Our CFO, Pauline Thomson, was supportive of taking a risk – and kudos to her for that. We became one of the early adopters and certainly the first Scout customer in Australia. Since Unitywater began using Scout 13 months ago, it has seen a 25 percent increase in productivity, a reduction in average job handling... read more
Friday 08.2.2019 Coming out of business school, I had all this debt. They said, “Wait, you’re going to go into telesales for a software company? You’re an investment banker. Why don’t you go do that?”... read more
Tuesday 07.30.2019 Once VMWare implemented a modern SaaS e-sourcing tool, stakeholders quickly jumped on board. Says Kelle Garcia, Center of Excellence manager for global strategic sourcing: “Our stakeholders are pleasantly surprised. Previously conditioned to using confusing and laborious tools, they have been delighted by the simplicity of the tool.” Stakeholders are now able to easily send requests... read more
Tuesday 07.30.2019 Strategic Sourcing Software Market Size by Application – 2024 “Strategic Sourcing Software Market 2019” describes an in-depth evaluation and professional study on the present and future state of the Strategic Sourcing Software market across the globe, including valuable facts and figures. Strategic Sourcing Software market provides information regarding the emerging opportunities in the Strategic Sourcing Software market... read more
Friday 07.19.2019 We were thrilled to talk to Jerry Brooner, chief revenue officer for Scout RFP.  We talk about sales and marketing working together, everything from objectives to function to culture. We also talk about the complexity and the historical pain inherent in sourcing opportunities as well as how to balance growing in your career, giving back…. and... read more
Wednesday 07.17.2019 “Scout makes sourcing incredibly easy, collaborative, and powerful, — from the initial stakeholder request through to successful implementation and supplier engagement”... read more
Sunday 07.14.2019 Reverse auctions have been particularly powerful for Uber, especially for price testing the market. “Being a young organization, most of the buys that we are doing, especially for the first time, we are not aware of what is the benchmark price for a service or a particular product,” Vaidya said. “Because if you start talking to... read more
Tuesday 07.9.2019 Vendors in this space are bringing about change in the Auction game. Tools for e-procurement initiating reverse auctions are being launched for new contract purchases, spot buys, and collaboration with other organizations to save time and money.... read more
Thursday 06.20.2019 In today’s sourcing and procurement environment, CPOs are looking for the best solutions to understand where and how much they are spending, how to set goals focused on savings and how to manage sourcing to reach those goals. In order to achieve these goals while reducing costs, procurement organizations are changing how they operate by... read more
Monday 06.17.2019 1. Nimble Disrupts Markets ….”Others change the conversation about what is needed in a modern solution of its type, forcing legacy providers to meet a new customer-defined standard, like Scout RFP in e-sourcing.”... read more
Friday 05.31.2019 A survey shows that 77% of financial respondents from companies with more than 1,000 employees said that procurement makes finance and the enterprise more effective.... read more
Friday 05.3.2019 A 2014 Deloitte survey found that 69 percent of chief procurement officers saw cost reduction as their main priority over the following 12 months. In 2018, the same survey showed that the number had jumped to 78 percent – a 9-percent increase in just four years. The ability to understand spending, set savings goals and manage sourcing to reach... read more
Thursday 04.18.2019 Dynamic negotiations and sourcing optimization holds much promise for crunching the vast amount of data that procurement organizations increasingly face — as well as enabling cutting costs, saving time and guiding buyers and suppliers to better decisions. But to date, the tools used for negotiations and optimization have been too complex for most professionals to... read more
Wednesday 04.10.2019 “We are presenting this award to Scout because Scout has given Unitywater much stronger capabilities to serve our customers better,” said Namejs Kins, Branch Manager Procurement, Unitywater. “It is very important to emphasize that Scout’s platform isn’t just administrative software; it’s a real value driver.”... read more
Tuesday 04.2.2019 More than 400 professionals, from all over the globe, gathered to hear about sourcing best practices full of grit, triumph, and transformation from every imaginable industry during the recent SPARK 2019 conference. Honestly, I am still reeling from the experience.... read more
Friday 03.29.2019 Scout’s users represent a new breed of purchasing managers and executives. They’re looking to change the role of the purchasing department. They’re looking to be a knowledge resource that supports a company’s product, marketing and production strategies. A department that goes beyond being measured solely on savings. This change is more important in today’s business.... read more
Wednesday 03.13.2019 Spark 2019 mainly focused on customer success with little time devoted to promoting the software itself. Strategically, this fits in with Scout RFP’s customers and target audiences. Scout’s users represent a new breed of purchasing managers and executives. They’re looking to change the role of the purchasing department.... read more
Tuesday 03.5.2019 “Scout DNA empowers sourcing professionals to inform their negotiation strategy by quickly analyzing a side-by-side comparison of bids and savings calculations to get a sense of the best possible business outcome.”... read more
Thursday 02.14.2019 “SPARK will bring together the best and brightest minds for a productive environment of discussion, with more than 20 sessions focusing on problems we’re all working to solve in our businesses,” said Scout RFP President Stan Garber. “Our venue, the SFJAZZ Center, meets a specific, unique need for the community as the ‘first free-standing building... read more
Tuesday 01.15.2019 One reason Scale Venture Partners was so interested in investing: Scout RFP is the latest startup to apply consumer-app-style experiences to a neglected area of back office software. “They’re doing it in a way that’s usable and user-friendly,” says Scale partner Alex Niehenke. “We talked to one large enterprise vendor and ten of their customers,... read more
Friday 12.14.2018 Reshaping KPIs is the first step toward rebuilding better processes. New research shows that many organizations are making this change by viewing their process through a new lens–a pipeline of sourcing opportunities. And it’s a near-perfect parallel to the familiar and trusted sales pipeline process. By emulating this blueprint, sourcing can develop a system for... read more
Friday 11.30.2018 Sales leaders view opportunities as belonging to a progressive funnel, with discrete stages that can be viewed, measured and analyzed. By emulating the sales model, procurement can also establish a unified framework to identify, qualify, manage and follow up on opportunities. This new, pipeline-based way of approaching procurement can help organizations become more transparent, collaborative... read more
Tuesday 08.14.2018 Procurement faces a wake-up call as tectonic shifts in technology threaten to completely alter the function, leading eventually to its automation. Companies have three options for embracing this major change.... read more
Wednesday 05.9.2018 Each year, some companies on the Spend Matters 50 Providers to Know and 50 Providers to Watch lists push themselves beyond simply a standout performance. They earn the recognition that they are not only bringing innovation into procurement organizations but also leading the charge to change the way we do business for the better. These... read more
Tuesday 04.24.2018 Manual processes are not only holding back innovation within the sourcing function, but also costing businesses in ways they don’t even realize.... read more
Thursday 03.29.2018 In case you missed it, Scout RFP, the San Francisco-based provider of cloud-based strategic sourcing tools, announced at at SPARK last month the release of its newest cloud-based application, Supplier Performance Management (click here to read Andrew’s coverage of the event). Based on customer feedback, Scout’s release of Supplier Performance Management (SPM) is part of a larger product release that it... read more
Thursday 03.29.2018 Scout is named a “contender” in IDC’s vendor assessment, which explores the leading SaaS and cloud-enabled sourcing software solutions and discusses what criteria are most important for companies to consider when selecting a system.... read more
Wednesday 02.28.2018 Scout, the upstart company making waves in the strategic sourcing software market, hosted its inaugural user conference this week in San Francisco and it was an impressive first showing for such a relatively young company. The Scout founders said that approximately 300 attendees had registered for the event representing 160 different companies. The morning of the... read more
Tuesday 02.27.2018 E-sourcing provider Scout RFP announced Tuesday the addition of supplier performance management (SPM) to its platform, according to a press release. The new SPM module “facilitates proactive analysis of business impact and historical tracking of supplier performance via streamlined collaboration between sourcing teams, business stakeholders and suppliers,” the company said.... read more
Friday 02.2.2018 Great SaaS solutions are easy to adopt and even easier to use — but that doesn’t mean that they should lack the human component. A check-in call and invoice in the inbox doesn’t cut it; instead, customer success teams should implement a strategic success plan that will help maintain a healthy level of communication and... read more
Tuesday 01.30.2018 Before you invest in a new technology, it’s important to get a feel for how well it will fit your company. After all, some tools might look great on paper, but won’t actually mesh with your current processes or culture. Look for solutions that offer trial periods and tailored training. These will help you determine... read more
Tuesday 01.23.2018 While the phrase “wave of change” has nice dramatic effect, it doesn’t always work out that way. Take sourcing, for example: While 70% of large organizations have e-sourcing tools, many have not adopted and begun utilizing these tools. Meanwhile, 30% still rely on manual sourcing methods. Change can range from disruptive to downright difficult — but what’s... read more
Wednesday 01.17.2018 “Nearly three quarters of our survey respondents identify email as their main method of procurement management, and over half point to Excel as their sourcing management go-to. As these findings demonstrate, many companies still use legacy methods for sourcing management and are missing out on the collaborative benefits of eSourcing,” said Andrew Durlak, VP of... read more
Monday 01.15.2018 Conventional procurement is already a thing of the past. As new technologies drive digital transformation across the enterprise, procurement’s role is becoming more crucial to the business. Agile sourcing technologies are paving the way for heightened transparency and providing access to invaluable data needed to make informed business decisions at the enterprise level.... read more
Sunday 01.7.2018 Rapidly changing business and market conditions can send the supply chain into a tailspin and turn managing it effectively into a nightmare task. More and more companies – including premier oil and gas E&P company, Anadarko – are leveraging sourcing to address this. The results are compelling; not only does agile sourcing yield an agile... read more
Thursday 12.14.2017 Every big business buys things, and making software aimed at easing that purchasing process is leading to doubled revenue and fast headcount growth for San Francisco-based Scout RFP. The company moved into a new headquarters with 15,000 square feet of space at 123 Mission St. this week to accommodate its growth.... read more
Thursday 12.14.2017 Digital transformation: It’s the initiative on everyone’s lips, but what’s less clear is how to go about it effectively. The challenge is compounded when you’re working with processes that become almost intrinsic to your business operations through the years. It’s not really surprising that 75 percent of companies are still taking incremental steps towards digital... read more
Wednesday 12.6.2017 Customer happiness is the lifeblood of any business — after all, happy customers mean lower churn rates, increased word-of-mouth marketing, a boost for internal morale, and so much more. Something that many tech companies will quickly find out is that much of that happiness starts with the onboarding process. If a customer experiences an unpleasant... read more
Friday 12.1.2017 Procurement, like other finance-related areas in the enterprise, is quickly finding itself with a seat at the corporate leaders’ table — but it hasn’t necessarily been an easy ride to get there. Even as new technologies offer sophisticated eProcurement, eSourcing and spend management solutions for corporates, grappling with the adoption of these tools has been a... read more
Friday 12.1.2017 When your company implements a new technology solution, it does so with the goal of ticking off a few boxes—some of which is to make processes quicker, easier and more effective. The difficult part is putting practices into play that will facilitate majority adoption of this digital solution, particularly at enterprises where routines are more... read more
Wednesday 11.29.2017 Sourcing may not be something that initially comes to mind when you think of emerging tech verticals, but technology is enabling new levels supplier competition and actionable data. This has created a demand for more cost-effective ways to approach supply chain management and has pushed eSourcing solutions like Scout RFP to the forefront.... read more
Wednesday 11.29.2017 E-sourcing provider Scout RFP announced Tuesday it has reached a growth milestone of more than $13 billion in managed spend through its Scout Pipeline, the company said in a press release. In addition, Scout’s customer base has grown to more than 110 globally in the past year. “In 2017, we hit the $13 billion mile-marker for spend managed through... read more
Tuesday 11.21.2017 No matter how unique its technology or how revolutionary its business model, a startup will have difficulty surviving without a marketing strategy that centers around customer acquisition. Marketing is the vehicle that builds the brand’s image and drives messaging to customers and prospects in a relevant, relatable way, but most importantly, it helps grow the... read more
Friday 11.10.2017 Rapidly changing business and market conditions can send the supply chain into a tailspin and turn managing it effectively into a nightmare task. More and more companies – including premier oil and gas E&P company, Anadarko – are leveraging sourcing to address this. The results are compelling; not only does agile sourcing yield an agile... read more
Thursday 11.2.2017 The use of digital technologies in non-customer-facing operating activities lags behind technology utilization for other critical business activities, according to a recent HBR report in partnership with Scout RFP. (And yes, that lag includes various aspects of finance — scary, right?) This is a problem, particularly when digital technologies are a top driver in critical strategic prioritization, as... read more
Wednesday 11.1.2017 A business is only as a good as its team. A single person is incapable of building an entire business from the ground up, so it is important to identify a team of people whose skill sets complement each other. As I built my company, I knew it was important to work with leaders who... read more
Monday 10.30.2017 Identify Beneficial Supplier Relationships  One of the easiest ways small businesses can use big data to improve production is through analysis of supplier data, such as pricing or material quality, to identify the most beneficial vendor relationships for their business. By doing so, companies can make sure they’re getting the best quality materials for the... read more
Thursday 10.26.2017 This has been a big year for the business world. Topics that have been simmering for a long time — think artificial intelligence and cybersecurity — are heating up. We may just be coming to grips with the new challenges and opportunities that these developments present, but we also have to keep our eyes firmly on the horizon: As a... read more
Tuesday 10.24.2017 When procurement professionals have a seat at the executive table, they are given access to the strategic business goals, the influence to make things happen, and the necessary data and accompanying analytics to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, find cost-saving opportunities, improve forecasting, and provide the greatest business impact.... read more
Thursday 10.19.2017 Businesses are well-versed in leveraging technology in customer-facing activities. Internal business operations, on the other hand, are a different story entirely. A recent HBR report highlighted this lag and its possible ramifications. In today’s digitally empowered world, businesses that leave key departments in the technological dust will suffer strategically.... read more
Monday 10.16.2017 CFOs who want to get ahead of the curve should look to sourcing and procurement to guide the business both financially and operationally.... read more
Thursday 10.12.2017 Involving procurement as a strategic partner in your business’s sourcing process offers significant savings as well as other benefits. It may require some recalibration to your process. Here are 5 tips for encouraging a smooth transition.... read more
Wednesday 10.11.2017 Simple technology. Just like a “working vacation” or a “genuine imitation,” this can often seem like an empty oxymoron — especially for groups (looking at you, IT) who, time and time again, have experienced the empty promises of so-called solutions that do exactly the opposite of solving their problems.  ... read more
Friday 10.6.2017 Seamless collaboration and automation yield bigger savings, greater operational efficiency, more strategically aligned decisions and, ultimately, better business outcomes. In today’s digital world, the only way to achieve this is through innovative technology.... read more
Wednesday 09.20.2017 IT and procurement are two star players. Combine the expertise of both, and you get a true power couple. It’s a proven fact that effective and collaborative synergy between the two departments pays off – quite literally.... read more
Monday 09.18.2017 “With any startup worth doing, you’ll face a lot of people who tell you it’s a bad idea,” said Alex Yakubovich of Scout RFP. “To be successful, it’s crucial to have both unfaltering grit and a strong conviction around what you want the future to look like.”... read more
Thursday 09.14.2017 Healthy ROI is critical — we all know this. What you might not know is that there are some really effective ways to handle these reinvestments that fly under the radar. For instance, the first reaction is often to devote funds to top-line-contributing departments, like sales.... read more
Friday 09.8.2017 Millennials, now officially the largest generation in the workforce, are shaking up the way we work. They’re hard working, innovative, ambitious agents of change. And their fresh outlook on the way we approach problems can have game-changing effects on a business, particularly at a startup striving to solidify its place in the market. Want to... read more
Thursday 09.7.2017 Strategic sourcing provider Scout RFP announced Tuesday it had been named a winner of the 2017 Best SaaS Product for Supply Chain/Warehouse Management from the SaaS Awards program, according to a press release. The SaaS Awards focuses on recognizing excellence and innovation in software solutions.... read more
Wednesday 08.23.2017 At my company, we take time for regular check-ins with each and every customer in order to gauge our success from their eyes. If they’ve identified specific pain points, we work to resolve the issue and better our approach right there and then. Doing regular check-ins like this will help keep you on track throughout... read more
Friday 08.18.2017 When you reflect on your business stakeholders, how many of them are really advocates?  In my experience, advocates become the social proof that we need to spread the good word of value-driven procurement.  But, how do we turn stakeholders into advocates?... read more
Friday 08.18.2017 It may seem outrageous, but not every startup office needs to be filled with ping pong tables, toys, and kegs. In fact, one of the best decisions we made early on was to create an office atmosphere where our employees could focus on the tasks at hand, allowing us to experience rapid growth while not... read more
Monday 08.14.2017 Digital transformation is sweeping the retail industry. As such, it’s time for retailers to brush up on how to turn this evolution into a competitive advantage. While most of today’s consumers seek a digital experience, many retail leaders lag behind, instead proffering traditional market tactics that work, but don’t help the business excel.... read more
Monday 08.14.2017 Bottom-line savings go hand-in-hand with top-line profits — and more and more enterprises are realizing that the best way to get a firm grasp on both of these is through sourcing.... read more
Monday 08.14.2017 One of the best ways for your business to increase savings is to foster competition. If this doesn’t sound right, think again: When procurement is taking the lead, creating constructive competition within the vendor space is vital for businesses that want to increase savings and, in turn, positively increase their bottom line.... read more
Monday 08.14.2017 Millennials, now officially the largest generation in the workforce, are shaking up the way we work. They’re hard working, innovative, ambitious agents of change. And their fresh outlook on the way we approach problems can have game-changing effects on a business, particularly at a startup striving to solidify its place in the market. Want to harness... read more
Thursday 08.3.2017 In the world of manufacturing, a small incorrect or missing piece can turn into a big problem. At best, this can mean lost production time, at worst, it can mean faulty products.... read more
Friday 07.28.2017 In this episode, our experts talk about RFPs and sourcing software and how these options are underlooked within most businesses, which have cost organizations both in valued time and money. ... read more
Monday 07.24.2017 VSP’s procurement department is using a new software system to increase its influence over employee spending, its chief procurement officer says.... read more
Wednesday 07.19.2017 Digital transformation has marked a seismic shift that the retail industry — particularly the way that it has, in turn, transformed consumer behaviors. From heightened in-store experiences to improved operational practices, brands must digitally transform every aspect of their business in order to stay competitive in the market.... read more
Friday 07.14.2017 Research shows a large number of companies are lagging in the use of advanced digital technologies for non-customer-facing operating activities. Alex Yakubovich, CEO at Scout RFP, investigates.... read more
Wednesday 07.12.2017 Treat everyone to lunch. Every Friday, we bring a catered lunch into the office. Because it’s only once a week, it’s something that most people are able to join. It’s an informal break where employees can chat, talk shop and in general forge stronger relationships with each other. Plus, everyone loves a free lunch! – Stan... read more
Monday 07.10.2017 More and more companies are using strategic sourcing platforms as a fulcrum for digital transformation within the department (and the enterprise as a whole, but that’s another story for another day). How? By working with the right partner, sourcing can unleash its full potential; it becomes simple, efficient and most importantly, is able to make... read more
Thursday 07.6.2017 Already penetrating the surface, with machine-learning technologies built into sourcing software, AI will revolutionize the procurement and supply chain industry in the next few years. It’ll really push the industry forward by helping to automate some of the most time-consuming manual tasks, like identifying risks and out-of-the-box opportunities. – Stan Garber, Scout RFP... read more
Friday 06.30.2017 Last week, Scout RFP, the San Francisco-based provider of cloud-based strategic sourcing tools, announced the summer release of Scout Contracts, its platform-based contract management solution. Scout Contracts works in tandem with its sourcing and RFP platform in that end users can move from the sourcing phase of an event to the vendor contract management phase. They can store... read more
Thursday 06.29.2017 Though digital transformation efforts are underway in a majority of organizations, enterprises still struggle with a number of common issues, according to a recent report from the Harvard Business Review, sponsored by procurement software company Scout RFP.... read more
Wednesday 06.28.2017 If I’ve learned anything, it’s that when it comes to successful leadership within a business, age doesn’t have to be a factor. As someone who dove into entrepreneurship in his teens, I can safely say that every day in the business world is a learning experience — and if you embrace and take advantage of... read more
Monday 06.26.2017 For every billion dollars invested in the United States, $122 million is wasted on lacking project management performance, a recent study by the Project Management Institute found. Dollars aren’t the only things wasted; inefficient procurement processes costing an estimated 32.2 million man hours a year. Clearly, inefficient sourcing management practices play a significant role in... read more
Monday 06.26.2017 Simple technology. Just like a “working vacation” or a “genuine imitation,” this can often seem like an empty oxymoron — especially for groups (looking at you, IT) who, time and time again, have experienced the empty promises of so-called solutions that do exactly the opposite of solving their problems. However, a growing number of high-performing... read more
Thursday 06.22.2017 Go straight to work. Successful and overworked are not the same thing. Becoming successful doesn’t mean working 80-plus hours a week. It means putting in 100 percent when you are at work. In the mornings, take a little time for yourself before checking your email. Eat breakfast with your family or get in a workout... read more
Tuesday 06.20.2017 According to the vendor, Scout Contracts provides a comprehensive, enterprise-wide view of supplier activities, overlapping agreements, and similar terms, all while collaborating across a simplified workflow that engages all necessary stakeholders in real-time. In addition to workflow management and supplier visibility, Contracts delivers custom milestone notifications that give stakeholders the ability to renew, source, or... read more
Tuesday 06.20.2017 E-sourcing provider Scout RFP announced Tuesday a contract management solution as part of its summer 2017 release. Called Scout Contracts, the new offering “allows the enterprise to collaboratively and comprehensively manage supplier contracts,” the company said in a press release.... read more
Tuesday 06.20.2017 Scout RFP, a leader in the cloud-based strategic eSourcing solutions space, today announces the launch of its Summer ’17 release. Scout Contracts, its new vendor contract management solution, allows the enterprise to collaboratively and comprehensively manage supplier contracts. In response to the immediate needs of its growing global user base, Scout has also expanded its... read more
Monday 06.19.2017 Scout RFP is peering ahead to a stronger position in the business of sourcing and procurement. The provider of cloud-based software used to line up suppliers and manage requests for proposals will use the funds to further develop its technology and expand in global markets.... read more
Saturday 06.10.2017 Today, ScoutRFP is a thriving enterprise, with revenues in the millions and growing at roughly 300% annually, according to figures supplied by the firm. It also recently announced the completion of its Series B round of $15.5 million in financing, bringing total investment in the company to $27.25 million. Alex and Stan have, in effect,... read more
Friday 06.9.2017 Scout RFP closed $16 million in Series B financing. Menlo Ventures and New Enterprise Associates participated in the round.... read more
Wednesday 06.7.2017 Investors are betting that Scout RFP will emerge as a leader in the space. Menlo Ventures is leading a $15.5 million Series B round in the company, with participation from NEA. Matt Murphy from Menlo is also joining the board.... read more
Wednesday 06.7.2017 Scout RFP, which provides businesses with sourcing and procurement solutions, announced today a new round of $15.5 million led by Menlo Ventures. Existing investor New Enterprise Associates (NEA) also joined.... read more
Wednesday 06.7.2017 E-sourcing provider Scout RFP announced Wednesday it had raised $15.5 million in financing, completing a Series B round led by Menlo Ventures, according to a press release. The company said it would use the funding to “expand engineering, extend its reach to serve global customer demands, and accelerate the innovation of its sourcing platform.”... read more
Wednesday 06.7.2017 Scout RFP, a San Francisco-based cloud strategic sourcing platform, raised $15.5 million in Series B funding. Menlo Ventures led the round, and was joined by New Enterprise Associates.... read more
Wednesday 06.7.2017 Scout RFP has completed its Series B round of $15.5 million in financing, bringing total investment in the company to $27.25 million. The round was led by Menlo Ventures and includes investments from New Enterprise Associates (NEA).... read more
Wednesday 06.7.2017 Scout RFP, a tech-based procurement company that moved its headquarters to San Francisco from Cleveland in 2015 but retains a small staff here, said it has completed a $15.5 million Series B round of financing.... read more
Wednesday 06.7.2017 The dyanamic software-as-a-service sector currently integrates with existing data platforms or other procurement-related applications to centralize vendor data.... read more
Wednesday 06.7.2017 Finding suppliers for a project can be tremendously difficult in a large enterprise, where the expectations of the different stakeholders must be balanced with numerous budgetary and compliance restrictions. It’s a challenge that Scout RFP has spent the last four years working to ease.... read more
Wednesday 06.7.2017 Scout RFP, a San Francisco-based provider of e-sourcing software, has raised $15.5 million in Series B funding. Menlo Ventures led the round, and was joined by NEA.... read more
Wednesday 06.7.2017 San Francisco-based Scout RFP, a provider of cloud-based strategic eSourcing solutions, has closed $15.5 million in funding. Menlo Ventures led the round with participation from other investors that included New Enterprise Associates. In conjunction with the funding, Matt Murphy, a managing director at Menlo Ventures, has been added to Scout’s board of directors.... read more
Wednesday 06.7.2017 Scout RFP, a San Francisco, CA-based provider of strategic eSourcing solutions, completed its $15.5m Series B financing. Scout has carved out a name for itself in the industry by delivering eSourcing solutions that allow enterprises to source faster and make a bigger business impact.... read more
Wednesday 06.7.2017 “Scout’s eSourcing product is dramatically improving the way organizations go from ‘source to contract.’ Fortune 2000 customers share this need and yet are still stuck using a combination of email, Excel, and Word,” said Matt Murphy. “RFP’s complex, manual workflows are overdue for a purpose-built application. Just as ServiceNow has become a leading platform for... read more
Wednesday 05.31.2017 The inability to experiment with technology, ties to legacy systems, and rigid organizational silos are the top three enterprise obstacles to digital transformation, according to a new report from Harvard Business Review sponsored by Scout.... read more
Wednesday 05.31.2017 Scout RFP and Harvard Business Review have just published a new report on the role strategic sourcing plays in the procurement department, and in the broader enterprise. “High-Performance Sourcing and Procurement – Driving Value Through Collaboration” takes a look at the current state of strategic sourcing, and how technologies are helping companies understand why choosing... read more
Tuesday 05.30.2017 Hold a Regular Company Conference: At least once a year, hold a company conference to get everyone in the same place at the same time. Make the focus getting to know each other and the company more, not checking things off to-do lists. Through company retreats, you’ll have the chance to get to know your... read more
Friday 05.26.2017 Tip #11: Offer a chance to grow. Kegs and ping pong tables are awesome, but get to the heart of what top tech recruits really want when it comes to a new position — a chance to grow. By providing opportunities for personal and professional development, and making their path to success clear, you can... read more
Wednesday 05.24.2017 By now it’s not news that procurement has gone through an evolution, one that is digital, automated and a potential area of strategy for the overall enterprise. But what may come as a surprise is that strategic sourcing has emerged as one of the most important parts of the procure-to-pay process, says Stan Garber, president... read more
Friday 05.19.2017 The Spend Matters 50 Providers to Watch list shines a light on exciting newcomers who are pushing the envelope. Some of these are certainly more established than others, but we think you should get familiar with each of them. There are a few key trends in this year’s 50/50 lists, but perhaps the overall theme... read more
Friday 05.12.2017 By Stan Garber, president of Scout RFP. There’s a lot you can learn about yourself when building a company as a co-founder. One of the most prominent is your weaknesses when it comes to managing said company. While having weaknesses isn’t necessarily a bad thing, being aware of them is vital to your business’s success. That... read more
Thursday 05.11.2017 Scout RFP and Easyjet have been named finalists for ISG Paragon Awards in the “Collaboration” category.... read more
Thursday 05.4.2017 By Andrew Durlak, co-founder and VP of Operations at Scout RFP. The extensive list of skills required by category managers has turned them into real-life superheroes.... read more
Thursday 05.4.2017 Stan Garber, Scout RFP: They say the best way to find great employees is by finding people who are smarter than you — the same goes for finding a co-founder. Choose someone who is even more passionate and informed than you, but shares your core values, and you’ll be set up for success.... read more
Tuesday 05.2.2017 By Michaela Dempsey, Senior Director of Marketing at Scout RFP. Find out how TechCrunch leveraged a strategic e-sourcing solution to streamline supplier selection, centralize data, and help them make more informed purchasing decisions, faster:... read more
Friday 04.28.2017 By Stan Garber, president of Scout RFP. It’s pretty fundamental, but it bears repeating: Happy customers are at the crux of any successful business. Cultivating a solid and loyal customer base that’s in it for the long haul is absolutely essential. Besides the obvious (executing your business to the highest caliber possible), there are also... read more
Wednesday 04.26.2017 Stan Garber, Scout RFP: Hire People Who Can Identify Inefficiencies — Bring people onto your team who can identify inefficiencies in your business while driving the business forward with out-of-the-box ideas. To scale, you need a team of people who aren’t afraid of failure, so look for that in the hiring process.... read more
Wednesday 04.26.2017 By Andrew Durlak, Co-Founder and VP of Operations at Scout RFP | A company is only as good as its people — and it’s up to you to make sure that you provide a bedrock for them to grow and succeed.... read more
Tuesday 04.18.2017 IT Briefcase Exclusive Interview: Chris Crane, co-founder and VP of product at Scout RFP, explores not only why joining IT and procurement forces is a smart move for any business, but also some tips on how to bring both departments together to form the ultimate power couple.... read more
Monday 04.17.2017 C-level procurement professionals have a crucial role within the enterprise. Because of their role — both as top-level leadership and strategic sourcers — they are uniquely positioned to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities, take advantage of opportunities, and champion the importance of procurement from the top down. Informed by a bedrock of data and accompanying analytics,... read more
Wednesday 04.12.2017 By Alex Yakubovich, CEO and co-founder of Scout RFP. To be successful in today’s global economy, companies must ensure that financial resources are directed to projects that will have the most impact. And, when it comes to doing that, the enterprise should look to one department — procurement. Corporations are facing increased investor pressure and... read more
Monday 03.27.2017 By putting your new team members into situations they might not be familiar with, like having an entry-level coder sit in on an operations meeting with executives, it’ll teach them to think about problems from a different viewpoint and help develop their understanding of the organization as a whole. – Stan Garber, Scout RFP... read more
Thursday 03.23.2017 Spend Matters welcomes this guest post from Andrew Durlak, co-founder and vice president of operations at Scout RFP. IT and procurement are two star players. Combine the expertise of both and you get a true power couple. It’s a proven fact that effective and collaborative synergy between the two departments pays off — quite literally.... read more
Thursday 03.9.2017 “We’re extremely honored to be selected as this year’s winner of the EPIC Supplier award at ProcureCon Indirect East,” said Scout RFP CEO Alex Yakubovich. “This award is exceptionally gratifying as Scout was nominated by customers for it. We are thrilled to be recognized by our customers, ProcureCon, and My Purchasing Center for Scout’s strategic... read more
Tuesday 03.7.2017 Scout RFP was awarded the 2017 EPIC Supplier Award at ProcureCon Indirect East. Greg Tennyson, Chief Procurement Officer at VSP Global, nominated Scout RFP for the 2017 EPIC Supplier Award. Stan Garber, President of Scout, accepted for the company.... read more
Tuesday 03.7.2017 How can you best gauge whether or not a business trend is worth putting into motion for your startup? Think About It • It seems obvious, but all too often people get caught up in trends – the bright and shiny things of the business world – and don’t actually think about whether these trends make... read more
Thursday 03.2.2017 By Stan Garber, Co-founder & President at Scout RFP The role of procurement has evolved significantly over the last five years to keep pace with the agile needs of today’s business environment. No longer is the department a simple cost center focused on execution. Technology innovations have made it possible for organizations to transform procurement... read more
Wednesday 03.1.2017 By Stan Garber, president of Scout RFP. Starting a new business is a formative moment for any entrepreneur; it’s the culmination of weeks, months and years of blood, sweat and tears (sometimes literally). While there’s no exact science to doing it successfully, we learned some best practices over the years founding and building up businesses,... read more
Thursday 02.23.2017 By Alex Yakubovich, CEO of Scout RFP | As today’s digital era continues to change how nearly every industry does business, the way companies manage their supply chain must adapt in tandem. Ever-changing markets and global pressures are raising the bar for procurement departments. Procurement processes must now be a competitive corporate advantage that drives... read more
Thursday 02.16.2017 Scout RFP is pleased to announce its extended relationship with longstanding customer Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:ZBRA) a global leader in providing solutions and services that give enterprises real-time visibility into their operations. This expanded relationship will enable Zebra to utilize Scout’s solution, including the recently launched Pipeline and Intake tools, across its global group for... read more
Monday 02.13.2017 “Make sure your potential hires can give you more than just the party lines.” Recently, YEC spoke with Stan Garber, President of Scout RFP, about his employee management and company culture experience. His best advice is below.... read more
Wednesday 02.8.2017 Scout RFP, a cloud-based strategic sourcing provider, launched two new sourcing tools, Pipeline and Intake, that promote cross-department sourcing communication and supply chain transparency.... read more
Thursday 02.2.2017 After being shortlisted in three categories, Scout RFP has been named a 2016-2017 Cloud Awards winner! Scout RFP won for B2B Customer Strategy, an award judged on the basis of business to business customer acquisition, fast growth, and an ongoing customer retention strategy.... read more
Monday 01.23.2017 We all know that data drives the enterprise. It’s instrumental in helping teams single out new opportunities and make better decisions, faster. In the enterprise-wide drive to harness the power of data, it’s up to sourcing professionals to ensure that they keep up with the pack. Sourcing departments that prioritize high-quality data see a huge... read more
Friday 01.13.2017 The element of surprise is something that organizations will always have to contend with. As business leaders, it’s our job to “expect the unexpected” — to plan for unforeseen challenges and direct financial resources accordingly. As enterprises in today’s global economy grow and expand to new markets, they have one secret weapon to bolster financial... read more
Wednesday 01.11.2017 2017 is the year to advance souring into a full collaboratively dynamic process – the technology exists and organizations able to take hold of the opportunity can expect to see a measurable impact. Read more predictions for the new year from Chris Crane, Co-Founder & Vice President, Scout RFP.... read more
Tuesday 01.10.2017 Scout RFP was shortlisted in three categories in the 2016-17 Cloud Awards: Most Promising Start-Up, Best Software as a Service (U.S.), and B2B Customer Strategy. Now entering its seventh year, the cloud computing awards program celebrates excellence and innovation in the rapid-growth cloud computing market. Over 300 entries came in from organizations across the globe, including the... read more
Thursday 01.5.2017 Procurement is no longer a simple cost center for a business. Today, technology has enabled corporations to streamline processes and turn procurement into a strategic initiative to save money and build meaningful partnerships with suppliers. It’s also more complex than ever, said Stan Garber, president at strategic sourcing technology company Scout RFP, who recently told... read more
Wednesday 01.4.2017 Scout RFP, a cloud-based strategic sourcing provider, has launched two new sourcing tools: Pipeline and Intake. Scout Intake, a project request sourcing tool, allows sourcing to efficiently fulfill submitted requests and quickly respond to business needs. Scout Pipeline, project resource tool, allows businesses to gain real-time visibility into sourcing opportunities and directly tie activity to... read more
Tuesday 12.27.2016 On December 6, ScoutRFP, the San Francisco-based provider of cloud-based strategic sourcing tools, announced the release of two new sourcing applications – Intake and Pipeline, tools that are meant to work and harmonize with each other. Intake is a project request sourcing tool that allows line-of-business users to centralize sourcing requests from across the enterprise, while... read more
Tuesday 12.27.2016 With Scout RFP’s new tools, procurement teams can now collect cross-department sourcing requests in one central location, allowing them to forecast and budget dependent on the full request pipeline.... read more
Tuesday 12.27.2016 Scout RFP’s Pipeline and Intake give companies real-time visibility over procurement control and spend.... read more
Tuesday 12.27.2016 As a cloud-based sourcing provider, Scout RFP recently introduced two new sourcing features, Pipeline and Intake.... read more
Thursday 12.22.2016 Hoy hablaremos de Scout RFP, una de las empresas a conocer por todos los profesionales de compras. Scout RFP es una empresa que se dedica a ofrecer a sus clientes soluciones de e-procurement y e-sourcing que les ayuden a facilitar la tramitación de las adquisiciones y el proceso de toma de decisiones relacionado con las... read more
Friday 12.16.2016 In North America, Scout RFP is adding customers faster than just about any other provider. This Spend Matters Plus analysis provides an introduction to the Scout RFP solution for procurement organizations looking to understand whether they should consider adding the provider to their shortlists for consideration and competitive alternatives.... read more
Thursday 12.8.2016 Scout RFP’s two products allow for the collection of cross-department sourcing requests in one place which in turn makes for more effective forecasting of sourcing events. Features include pre-sourcing requirement gathering, automated request routing, and two-way visibility.... read more
Tuesday 12.6.2016 E-sourcing provider Scout RFP, the subject of Monday’s year-end tech review post, announced Tuesday the launch of two new tools: Intake and Pipeline. Scout Intake, a project request sourcing tool, helps sourcing teams fulfill submitted requests and more quickly respond to business needs. Scout Pipeline, a project resource tool, provides real-time visibility into sourcing opportunities... read more
Monday 12.5.2016 The Scout RFP platform brings a set of integrated e-sourcing modules that can be enabled or disabled as necessary. The solution emphasizes simplicity and collaboration, with the goal being that users can be up and running with little or no training.... read more
Tuesday 11.29.2016 A new era of procurement is upon us. As the new year approaches, the interplay of data, trends and supplier relationships will continue to elevate sourcing from a business function to a business outcome. In the same echelon of CRM solutions, collaborative data sharing through procurement can optimize performance and make a very meaningful impact... read more
Monday 11.21.2016 The e-sourcing market might have met its Coupa in the form of Scout RFP. This third and final installment of this Spend Matters Vendor Snapshot covering Scout RFP provides an objective SWOT analysis of Scout and offers a competitive segmentation analysis and comparison.... read more
Thursday 11.17.2016 Spend Matters PRO Vendor Snapshot explore Scout RFP’s product strengths and weaknesses, providing facts and expert analysis to help procurement organizations decide whether or not to shortlist the vendor.... read more
Wednesday 11.16.2016 This three-part brief will provide facts and expert analysis to help buying organizations make informed decisions on whether Scout RFP should be on their shortlist of e-sourcing providers to consider, either as a new solution, a replacement for existing e-sourcing tools or a complement to them.... read more
Thursday 10.27.2016 PayStream staff members just arrived back from a fabulous APP2P Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, where we had the pleasure of announcing the winners of our seventh annual Innovative Technology of the Year Awards. Congratulations to all of the 2016 Innovative Technology of the Year Award winners: ScoutRFP – Innovative Sourcing Technology of the Year... read more
Monday 10.24.2016 Here are just four examples of strategic business segments that have replaced Excel dependency with operational cloud solutions and empowered the rest of the enterprise in the process. Long gone are the days of back-office sourcing functions based solely on cost cutting. Strategic sourcing operations are now integral to managing margins and supporting growth across... read more
Wednesday 10.12.2016 Ventana Research announced the 30 winners of the 2016 Technology Innovation Awards. These Awards, presented annually, identify the technologies that have the potential to have the most striking positive impact & honor their providers. Winner in Operational Innovation: Supply Chain/Service Chain Excellence: Scout for Scout RFP... read more
Tuesday 09.27.2016 At Scout, we have seen that organizations that prioritize impact-based sourcing decisions are better positioned to meet organizational goals. Companies that transition to automated cloud platforms quickly realize that effective business collaboration, efficient supplier management and enforceable process compliance are the new terms of doing business. In turn, they gain a crucial competitive advantage.... read more
Sunday 09.25.2016 “It’s shocking how quickly Scout became global,” Mr. Durlak said. Most businesses have international suppliers and complicated systems quickly fall apart do to language and cultural barriers. The proof is in the numbers, Mr. Durlak said. Scout has 10,000 active users in 75 countries. The system is easily learned and Scout has not had to train... read more
Saturday 09.3.2016 Long story short, Scout has grown 300% in funding, customers, and headcount since moving to the valley. In just two years, Scout RFP was founded in Cleveland by four college friends from Case Western, and moved to San Francisco to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and seize the opportunity to provide a business tool for sourcing... read more
Wednesday 08.31.2016 Scout RFP aims to disrupt a market that has been controlled by Ariba Technologies, a strategic sourcing tool that was acquired by SAP for $4.5 billion in 2012. The startup has raised over $11 million in total funding from investors including GV and Zapis Capital Group. NEA led its $2.75 million seed round in January... read more
Monday 08.29.2016 Payment Week: Scout recently formed a Customer Executive Board to help expand its platform’s offerings for sourcing teams looking to keep pace with growth.... read more
Wednesday 08.3.2016 Scout RFP, a San Francisco-based provider of cloud-based scouting solutions, has raised $9 million in Series A funding led by NEA.... read more
Tuesday 08.2.2016 Scout RFP, a US-based cloud-based bidding platform backed by conglomerate Alphabet’s corporate venturing division GV, has received $9M in series A from NEA.... read more
Tuesday 08.2.2016 Kevin Moss, DDR’s chief information officer. “We have already rolled Scout RFP out internally for tenant coordination and construction and are preparing to extend it to the property management side as well.”... read more
Thursday 07.28.2016 Since its inception, Chris Crane, Stan Garber, Alex Yakubovich and Andrew Durlak, Scout has helped small and large organizations streamline their buying events and make big purchasing decisions every day. It delivers clean, intuitive software that helps buyers and suppliers do business more efficiently, with fewer headaches.... read more
Thursday 07.28.2016 San Francisco-based Scout RFP, a cloud-based strategic sourcing solution, has raised $9 million in Series A funding from New Enterprise Associates.... read more
Wednesday 07.27.2016 Leveraging a $9M Series A round of funding from lead investor, New Enterprise Associates, Scout has gained traction with major clients in verticals including software, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. ... read more
Monday 08.10.2015 Scout RFP ranks among these hotshot up-and-comers of enterprise tech and are already doing business with some of the largest companies in the world.... read more
Monday 02.16.2015 Two of the guys who sold Onosys to LivingSocial are running another software company that just raised a few million dollars... read more
Thursday 02.12.2015 In our last post, we noted that many organizations are still in the Procurement Dark Ages, conducting procurement using the age-old three-bids-and-a-buy technique and the fax machine running over a 64 kbit digital ISDN circuit... read more
Thursday 02.12.2015 In yesterday’s post we noted that even though the Procurement profession has went from zero to hero in those leading organizations that were forward looking enough to let Purchasers gain influence in both the inbound and outbound supply chain... read more
Thursday 02.12.2015 Comparing proposals from suppliers of IT systems and software products and solutions is a problem for many companies... read more
Thursday 02.12.2015 Requesting, bidding, sorting and pitching new projects is a pain in the keister for most businesses. It’s a lengthy, time-consuming process still beset with reams of paperwork... read more