Outsmart renewals with collaborative contract management

Workday Strategic Sourcing makes it easy to proactively manage contracts. Gain full visibility into contract milestones, e-signatures, approvals, and obligations.

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Turn auto-renewal issues into savings opportunities

Capitalize on milestones as potential for re-negotiation

Make real-time collaborative decisions to renew, source, or cancel with automatic alerts

Engage stakeholders to get ahead of renewals

Loop in the right people with in-app messaging and automated notifications

Prevent delays with a standardized, easy-to-follow workflow

Allow each approver to see status, alerts, and items pending review for each contract

Provide critical visibility across the enterprise

Streamline the process from sourcing-to-contract, with one platform

Give stakeholders one clear view into the current status of all contracts

Gain visibility into signature statuses with seamless approvals

Gather signatures faster with streamlined DocuSign Integration

Stay ahead of important tasks with automatic alerts

Configure workflows to proactively manage renewals, bottlenecks, and active contracts

Manage contract obligations with one searchable platform

Prepare for audits by controlling all supplier agreements

Store, search, view, and manage 100% of contracts in one location

Gain critical context with a visual portrayal of contract relationships

Access all contract data in one place, from MSAs to order forms to SOWs

Mitigate risk by ensuring suppliers fulfill each obligation

Capture obligations upfront to inform supplier performance reviews



Turn auto-renewals into savings opportunities, provide visibility across the enterprise, and manage obligations with Workday Strategic Sourcing..