Connect the entire enterprise

Workday Strategic Sourcing makes it simple to connect your applications, ensuring data integrity, secure authentication, and a seamless experience

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Seamlessly connect supplier data

Ensure supplier data integrity across the entire organization

Transfer supplier data automatically between Workday  Strategic Sourcing and your vendor master

Reduce risk of error and simplify workloads for IT and Sourcing

Eliminate custom integrations for IT and manual data duplication for sourcing

Increase efficiency, productivity, and accuracy across the business

Use automated, collaborative workflows to manage risk, spend, and savings

Provide critical insights via robust business intelligence connectors

Turn your sourcing data into actionable recommendations with Tableau

Configure reports and dashboards easily to make faster, more informed decisions

Enhance visibility and collaboration across the organization with Power BI

Share progress across teams to update stakeholders in real time

Drive strategic transformation throughout the enterprise

Eliminate inefficiencies in data visualization and generate up-to-date insights on demand

Manage signatures and contract progress easily via DocuSign

Gain visibility into signature statuses through seamless approvals

Gather signatures directly within Scout’s prebuilt DocuSign integration

Mitigate risk by automating contract processes

Reliably obtain approvals when you need them from suppliers and stakeholders

Save time and close contracts faster 

Reduce contract cycle times and scale processes as your business grows



Eliminate manual data transfer, provide visibility across the enterprise, and accelerate productivity with Workday Strategic Sourcing