SUPPLIER Onboarding

All supplier onboarding processes in one place. Navigating compliance just got easier.

Tackle compliance head-on by standardizing, monitoring, and managing all supplier forms. All with one platform.

Align supplier compliance with government mandatesWatch the webinar
A.T. Kearney: the Future of Procurement TechnologyRead the white paper
Consistently capture and store critical data with one platformRead the data sheet

Automate ongoing management of supplier forms

Maintain accurate information and compliance with one platform

Understand the current status of each form, without emails or lost documents

Engage legal, finance, security, and stakeholders more proactively

Automate regular reviews with custom alerts to meet business requirements

Prepare for new and changing regulations that affect supplier compliance

Update supplier forms in a timely manner with custom reminders and expiration notifications

Accelerate supplier approvals with easy engagement

Streamline the process for capturing supplier data

Configure repeatable templates for all supplier onboarding forms

Provide enterprise-wide access by centralizing all supplier forms

Review and retrieve all forms on-demand in a supplier review project

Engage the right business stakeholders automatically  

Customize approval groups to include the right stakeholders based on form requirements

Get one view into supplier compliance and risk

Track supplier profile data towards collaborative risk assessment

Assess and review supplier forms with risk score cards

Assess compliance with custom surveys and easy approvals

Evaluate supplier responses and take immediate action

View the current status and expiration dates for all compliance supplier forms

Identify which suppliers may need to be assessed against new requirements



See how Scout Supplier Onboarding simplifies assessment of risk and compliance, centralizes essential forms in one place, and automates approvals with enterprise-wide visibility.