10 Tips to Keep Contracts from Being a Pain in the SaaS

Did you know that 75% of the total time spent in the contract negotiation process should actually be spent on preparation activities¹? 75%. From navigating vendor contract hierarchy to securing stakeholders’ buy-in, the steps needed to prepare for a successful purchase can be complex, especially for SaaS agreements.

We know this all too well, which is why we turned to CJ Anderson-Johnson, Indirect Sourcing Team Leader and expert negotiator, to help you simplify the process. By streamlining crucial preparation activities, top performing sourcing teams are restoring the bandwidth necessary to make negotiation tangible and repeatable. Check out these 10 Tips to Keep Contracts from Being a Pain in the SaaS. To learn more from CJ, check out our webinar on 5 Ways to Master Vendor Negotiation.

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10 SaaS Contract Negotiation Tips

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