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Cool, Calm, Collected: Corral Your Contracts at SPARK

Do one Google search for contract management and you’ll see McKinsey listed as the expert authority almost every time. According to their recent research, “Companies are overlooking a significant source of value: suboptimal contract terms and conditions combined with a lack of effective contract management can cause an erosion of value in sourcing equal to… read more

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Three Ways to Simplify Contract Management With Scout

Last month, we announced Scout Contracts, a simple, flexible contract management tool for sourcing and legal teams looking for a better way to improve their process, work across teams, and get a clearer view into supplier obligations and adherence. We’re already hearing positive reviews from customers and prospects who appreciate the simplicity and efficiency Scout… read more

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Ask Suppliers These 8 Questions to Measure GDPR Compliance

53 days. That’s how long we have before the General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect, and many teams are still scrambling to tackle the final items on their GDPR to-do lists. At this point, most companies have the basics in place – appointing their Data Privacy Officer, identifying processes for handling personal data, and… read more

Contracts: A Pillar of Strategic Sourcing

Contract management is a crucial pillar of procurement — and without it, the entire strategic sourcing process can crumble. The sourcing story doesn’t end once the contract is awarded. In fact, top-notch procurement work can be unraveled by subpar contract management — and on the flip side, effective contract management can also save what was an… read more

The Recipe for a Great Contract Management Solution

Sourcing inefficiencies cost time and money. A recent study estimates that inefficient procurement processes waste 32.3 million man hours and $1.5 billion dollars each year in North America. To maximize sourcing’s effectiveness, you need to zap these inefficiencies — but don’t try to do it single-handedly. Enlist the help of a powerful eSourcing tool (hello!) to streamline… read more

Summer ’17 Release: Introducing Scout Contracts (Plus Expanded Languages!)

It’s summertime, which means it’s time to hang your hammock, fire up the grill, and perfect your s’mores. Here at Scout, we’ve been cooking up something exciting too — and we’re really excited to share it with you. Scout Contracts So without further ado, allow us to introduce Scout Contracts. Our new vendor contract management solution… read more

Predictions for 2017: A New Era of Procurement

In the lead-up to the new year, Chris Crane, our co-founder and VP of Product, shares a few predictions about what 2017 may have in store for sourcing. A new era of procurement is upon us. As the new year approaches, the interplay of data, trends and supplier relationships will continue to elevate sourcing from… read more