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Welcoming Jeff Immelt to SPARK 2019: Stories of Driving Change and Transformation

Our goal at SPARK is to help our customers, and the Sourcing industry overall, transform their organizations and step forward into a position of prominence. So, to set that innovative tone, we’re curating two full days of technology, techniques, and totally new ways to think about leadership. A key ingredient in that recipe is our… read more

Ten Ways to Help the Business Embrace SaaS

A software-as-a-service (SaaS) model helps you put the focus on business outcomes, instead of navigating technology limitations. Although it makes things easier in the long run, making the shift over to SaaS can be difficult to navigate. In its new white paper, Forrester outlines ten ways to go about it — plus corresponding actions to… read more

Procurement’s Rank in Digital Transformation

Take a look at the use of digital technologies across the enterprise: A few things jump out. Enterprises prioritize spend for digital technologies that: Improving customer-facing touchpoints and experiences Increasing agility Better utilization of assets Meanwhile, noncustomer-facing operations (including procurement) fall all the way to the bottom of the list in the fourth quartile. But… read more

You Shall Not Pass: Barriers to Digital Transformation

If you’ve ever tried to spearhead digital transformation and experienced this… …you’re not alone. Digital transformation – or lack thereof – remains a persistent problem for sourcing and procurement teams in enterprises of all sizes. A recent Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey of 376 senior executives, for example, found that many companies are making… read more