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Scout’s New Savings Tracker: Finally, a Simple, Accurate Way to Align Sourcing and Finance   

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” It’s an adage as old as business itself, but there are few teams that struggle more with this than Sourcing and Procurement. There’s little consistency from business to business in how companies track savings, set goals, and incent their teams. These inconsistencies create challenges between two departments that… read more

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Customer Success Tip: Filters and Views in Pipeline

Filtering and applying strategic views to your sourcing projects sound like simple actions — and they are — but they have a big impact. Cutting out the noise and applying filters puts only the most pertinent information at your fingertips. By saving specific views, you can quickly reference and report on them whenever the need… read more

In the [Product] Picture: Customized Pipeline Views

In this blog series, we keep you in the picture with the latest and greatest from Scout’s product team. Over to Chris Crane, co-founder and VP of product… Scout Pipeline is the central point for strategic sourcing, the place where you can manage and collaborate around all sourcing projects. It puts a lot of information… read more

Customer Success Tips: Milestones in Pipeline

This week, we’re diving into Milestones — a crucial piece of any project in Pipeline. They help you break a project into smaller components, which can then be assigned to stakeholders and have a set deadline. Read on to learn more about: How to add a Milestone within a project Milestone Statuses How to track your Milestones… read more

A Year in the Pipeline

Today marks the first birthday of Scout Pipeline — and it even got its own cake to celebrate! We launched Pipeline, a category management tool, to help businesses gain real-time visibility into sourcing opportunities and directly tie activity to business impact through a collaborative interface. Here’s a peek at what sourcing teams have accomplished using… read more

Customer Success Tip: Views in Pipeline

Last week, we found out how easy it is to apply filters in pipeline, which allow you to narrow sourcing projects down. This week, let’s find out how to take that one step further and save specific views for quick reference and reporting.  Saving Views If you find yourself repeating a search regularly, or want to… read more

Customer Success Tip: Creating a Project

Your Scout Pipeline is made up of Projects. Pipeline is the big picture, and each Project is a part of it. We like to keep things easy, so to create a Project, simply click the green “Create Opportunity” button at the bottom of your Scout Pipeline page: This will create a new Project in the Upcoming… read more

Customer Success Tip: Introduction to Pipeline

This week, we introduced our new Pipeline tool. Simply put, Pipeline is where everything comes together. Scout’s Pipeline is a strategic sourcing tool that enables sourcing professionals to: Build a sourcing pipeline with planned, active, and completed Projects, Manage new sourcing Requests and ongoing Projects, Standardize the sourcing process for their team and stakeholders, and Forecast and strategize… read more

Scout Pipeline & Intake: Two Leaps Towards More Strategic Sourcing

Since we launched Scout RFP in 2015, we’ve helped over 90 companies streamline their RFP process. It’s been an amazing journey thus far and we’ve learned a lot working directly with our customers. As we spent more and more time with sourcing organizations, we discovered there were several more pains that we wanted to solve. One… read more

Introducing Two New Features: Pipeline and Intake

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of two new sourcing tools: Pipeline and Intake. In a nutshell, Scout Intake and Pipeline provide organizations with real-time visibility and control over spend. Intake gives procurement leaders the ability to respond to business needs and streamline engagement, while Pipeline allows you to tie sourcing activity directly to… read more