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Back to School: 5 Ways to Up Your Negotiation Game

Negotiations are never easy. They can be tedious, time-consuming, contentious, and risky. Fortunately, Scout supports expert negotiators from all industries who’ve shared their best advice with us.  Read on to find out how sourcing leaders at Salesforce, LendingTree, Zendesk, and more handle their toughest conversations and how Scout can help strengthen your relationships with both… read more

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The Secret Ingredients for Successful Change Management

You’ve seen it a hundred times: a team finds a spiffy new technology, rolls it out, uses it for a while, but the next thing you know, it’s been abandoned in favor of the legacy tool. Why does change management fail so much, and, more importantly, how do you increase the likelihood of a transformation’s… read more

The Top 3 Ways to Cut Through Contract Chaos

Contract management processes can be overwhelming with different contract versions floating through emails, renewal dates approaching by surprise, and opaque approval bottlenecks slowing down workflows. This week, Vice President of Strategic Sourcing at MDC Partners Jason Cammorata joined us in a webinar to share how he and his team are cutting through the chaotic world… read more

Workday and Scout – A Procurement Partnership to Watch in 2019

A lot of folks have been asking about our partnership with Workday, and stemming from our SPARK 2019 customer conference, we wanted to share some exciting updates across three different areas: Partner. Scout is in the midst of building a product integration, which will be certified by Workday. This integration will provide a seamless connection… read more

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Five Things for Your Sourcing Summer Reading List

Summer – it’s on and you should be too! Whether you’re enjoying vacation, sipping a margarita, or just kicking back, the summertime is the best season to read, watch, listen, and learn! Still, with less than five weeks until Labor Day, you’re surely wondering how you can level-up your procurement skills. Or, is it just… read more

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Adventures in Extreme Sourcing with Chicago Sourcing Leaders

“There is absolutely no value of doing all this good work and really driving procurement forward if you don’t tell anyone.” A survey of 45 CPOs from large, global organizations found that successful CPOs were likely to be “brilliant at understanding and expressing ideas, as extroverted as a sales person, and better with words than… read more

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Collaboration and Sourcing: Insights and Inspiring Perspectives from ISM 2018

There are few better opportunities than learning from, sharing, and networking with the brightest minds in your industry. Last week, over 2500 global procurement and supply chain professionals gathered at ISM 2018, the Institute for Supply Management’s (ISM) annual conference in Nashville, TN. The conversations were nothing short of inspiring. We were elated to have… read more

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Meet the Scouts: Taig McNulty, Enterprise Account Executive

In Meet the Scouts, we get to know the people who make the Scout magic possible. This week, meet Taig McNulty, Enterprise Account Executive! It takes an average of 18 calls to connect with a buyer. Despite the most clever efforts (no, I don’t mean the “did you get eaten by a bear” emails, those… read more

New Heights in Procurement

How to Reach Remarkable New Heights in Procurement

We now work and live in an era where rising customer expectations, increasing business pressures, and disrupting technologies are the norm. Seems like, as procurement moves from a back-office function to a strategic business partner, the need for transformation has never been more apparent. But that doesn’t make it easy or seamless. By unleashing its… read more