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Customer Success Tip: Build Rate Cards

Ever needed to build a pricing sheet that gave your suppliers some flexibility in terms of input? (If you’ve ever run a service RFP, we can bet that that answer is yes!) Luckily, building a rate card-style pricing sheet in Scout is a breeze. See for yourself:   Questions about building rate cards (or anything else… read more

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supplier intro email

Introduction Email for Suppliers

No meeting should ever be scheduled without an agenda, and no RFP invitation should be sent without an introduction. Luckily, Scout makes this a seamless part of the process with our new Introduction Email.   When to Send: The exact timing depends on the complexity of the buy, the relationship with the supply base and… read more

School’s In Session: Scholastic Nears 1500 RFPs in Scout

School is back in session, so it’s no surprise that Scholastic’s sourcing team is ahead of the curve. Elyse Hart, Manufacturing Manager and Planner at Scholastics has just rounded the corner at 1383 closed RFPs in Scout’s platform. Raise your hand if you’re impressed… How did they do it? Scholastic did their homework on sourcing solutions and… read more

The Pitfalls of Pitching eSourcing (And How to Avoid Them)

Maybe you’ve been in the market for an eSourcing solution and you think you’ve found the one, or maybe you’re still looking. Wherever you are in your buying process, chances are you’ll have to justify your choice to one or more key decision makers if you want it to come to fruition. However, proposing a… read more

Running an RFP is necessary, but now it’s easy!

I know you read that headline and thought, “Running a request for proposal (RFP) is painful! I hate it!” I know. Been there, suffered that, too. Yet despite the hassle, RFPs are generally worth it since they produce significant benefits, such as cost savings. On average, we’ve had clients report baseline cost reductions of 10%… read more

CIOs & eSourcing: A Wonderful Combination

CIOs and eSourcing are made for each other.  No, not because CIOs seem to always be spending money but because they obsess over data. Conventionally run sourcing events (RFPs, RFIs, RFQs), which are typically done through email and spreadsheets, cannot later be mined for pricing analytics, supplier data, stakeholder analysis or any number of other vital stats…. read more