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Announcing SPARK 2020 Keynote Speaker

When you hear the word “loonshot,” what do you think of? An idea so loony, no one in their right mind would believe in it? Or maybe a shot in the dark, with wild hopes pinned on sparking a revolution? How about the one and only Safi Bahcall? A thoughtful and innovative leader, Safi coined… read more

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Sourcing Teams, Celebrate Your Independence from Spreadsheets!

As July 4th sleepily winds its way through the summer heat (or fog, for us here in San Francisco!) we begin to set our sights on what to barbecue this week and what kind of pyrotechnics might inspire us. First, though, let’s pause for a brief moment to consider independence. Independence means the freedom to… read more

How UBER Drives Scale and Standardization in Sourcing

What’s the secret to scaling and standardizing your sourcing strategy? Watch this Throwback Thursday video and learn how Uber’s Head of Global Strategic Sourcing has focused on people, process, and technology to deliver impact beyond a savings number. “I think everyone’s at Uber is a Scout user here, so you know how easy it is… read more

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Announcing SPARK 2019: Putting Sourcing Center Stage at SFJAZZ

SPARK is back! For our second annual conference for forward-thinking CPOs and sourcing leaders, we’re stepping up to a new venue, so mark your calendars for February 26 and 27 in San Francisco For Scout SPARK. You’ll experience two days of discovery, dialogue, and the opportunity to dive deeper into how we can make global… read more

In the [Product] Picture: Calendar Sync

In this blog series, we keep you in the picture with the latest and greatest from Scout’s product team. Over to Chris Crane, co-founder and VP of product… The world of sourcing moves a mile a minute and it’s good to get all our projects on the same page — or in this case, calendar…. read more

Customer Success Tip: Building Evaluations

Stakeholder feedback is important – and that’s why we created the ability for them to comment, rate, and evaluate bid submissions. Evaluations help you: Collect a standard set of evaluations from each of your stakeholders Define the questions that stakeholders will evaluate Set a scale for numeric scoring and weight questions as you see fit Let’s… read more

Year in Review: 2017 at Scout

While we’re still getting used to writing “2018” as the date, now seems like an apt time to celebrate an incredible 2017 and everything that’s happened in the world of Scout. New funding, a new office space, new honors (including being named a Gartner Cool Vendor), new product releases… it’s been a big year for… read more

How Anadarko’s Sourcing Team Puts Pedal to the Metal

If you’re in the world of oil and gas, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride. Anadarko, a leader in the field, felt the rush: “At Anadarko, we’re moving at 100 miles per hour,” remarks Aaron Rubinstein, Manager of Shared Services & Technology, Global Supply Chain at the company. Their sourcing team needed something that… read more

In the [Product] Picture: Milestone Templates

In this blog series, we keep you in the picture with the latest and greatest from Scout’s product team. Over to Chris Crane, co-founder and VP of product… Any journey needs a game plan, and sourcing projects are no exception. That’s where milestones come in. They can be assigned throughout the process to keep tasks… read more