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Tune In: 2Babes Talk Supply Chain Podcast

Saving your business millions sounds nice, doesn’t it? What if you could do that through simplified sourcing? Spoiler alert: You can. As Harvard Business Review noted in its recent paper, companies that focus on strategic sourcing enjoy not just enhanced profitability, but a range of positive results including improved cash and working-capital performance—results that, in… read more

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Five Traits That Fulfill the User-Friendly Promise

User-friendly. Sounds simple, right? And, if an eSourcing solution truly is user-friendly, it should be just that: simple. Too many legacy tools are clunky, complicated, and cringe-worthy. To find out if a solution will actually turn those frowns upside down, look for these five traits: Streamlined functionality: Choose a platform that pares down steps as it ramps up efficiency. It… read more

Three Reasons Why You Should Be Using Reverse Auctions

Reverse auctions’ ascent to sourcing fame has been fairly rapid; just six years after their inception in 1995, GE claimed savings of more than $600 million — and net savings of more than 8% — by sourcing through reverse auctions. Their star power has no sign of fading; last year, Australia’s reverse auction scheme led to the… read more

Scout’s Series B: Investing in the Potential of Strategic Sourcing

Stan, Andrew, Chris, and I started Scout RFP in 2014 with one intention: To solve age-old sourcing problems with simple solutions. Personal experience (we answered spreadsheet-based RFPs for our first business, ONOSYS) and interviewing hundreds of companies (from large enterprises like Smuckers to small local suppliers) confirmed that antiquated processes were hindering sourcing’s potential — and… read more

The Three Phases of Scout Sourcing Events

Every sourcing event is different, but they all share a few things in common — three things, to be exact. Below, walk through the three phases of a sourcing event and see how to build, manage, and evaluate them using Scout. You’ll be over the moon about how simple it is: 1.  Build   Building, in a… read more

Driving Innovation: Harvard Business Review Research Paper

Sourcing and procurement can offer a fresh and different perspective—asking hard questions and driving a competitive environment.      – Neil Aronson, Head of Global Strategic Sourcing at Uber As Neil’s quote attests to, today’s high-performing procurement teams have evolved into an essential contributor to enterprise success. In its new research paper, Harvard Business Review… read more

Customer Success Tip: Evaluations, Part I

Over the next three weeks, we’re going to walk though how to build evaluations in Scout. In the words of Maria von Trapp, let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start, after all). Step 1: Start an Evaluation When it comes to building an evaluation for an event, you’ve got options: You can… read more

Scout Customer In Focus: VSP Global

We love to talk — and when it comes to our customers and their sourcing successes, we prefer to shout, ideally from any and all available rooftops — but sometimes it’s better to just hand the microphone over to those who can say it best. So, without further ado, here are a few words from VSP… read more

Entrepreneur: How to Shape a Standout Startup Culture

Foundations are important, and it’s with good reason that the “culture = foundation of a company” metaphor is thrown around so liberally — it’s true. From day one at Scout, we prioritized a building a cultural bedrock that would drive the type of company that we wanted to be. I recently  chatted with Entrepreneur about why creating a standup… read more

Customer Success Tip: Quick-Start Guide for Suppliers

Sourcing and procurement teams love using Scout, but what about the other half of the equation? We’re not about to leave anyone out, which is why we made sure that suppliers find Scout equally painless — pleasant, even — to use. For this week’s Customer Success Tip, we’re laying out a Quick-Start Guide for suppliers…. read more