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Customer Success Tip: Reverse Auctions

This week is all about reverse auctions. Instead of just telling you how to set them up, we’re going to show you:   Reverse auctions help organizations successfully realize cost-savings without sacrificing quality and supplier relations. In other words, if you’re not using them, you should be. Get the full scoop in our white paper, Reverse Auctions:… read more

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Forrester Paper: How the Right Product Delivers Real Value

In today’s increasingly interconnected and strategic business world, it’s important to keep up — particularly when it comes to technology. (Don’t buy into that? Imagine if you started a new job and found out that the company still used dial-up internet or relied on operator switchboards to make phone calls.) Sourcing is no exception. In… read more

Strategic Sourcing, Simplified

Want to have your cake and eat it too? We’ll leave the baking to the pros, but we can offer up more strategic and simpler sourcing on a platter. Here at Scout, our goal is to simplify strategic sourcing. That means streamlining the process through a really user-friendly interface (if we’re still going with the… read more

Customer Success Tip: Templates, Part 1

For this week’s Customer Success Tip, we’re talking templates. Tune in next week for Part II! Why Use Templates? We encourage all Scout users to create templates with the goal being that you never have to start an event from scratch. Templates provide two main benefits: Saving Time – Templates allow you to quickly and efficiently… read more

ScoutFest 2017: People, Ping Pong, and Procurement

What do you get when Scouts from all over the world converge on our San Francisco HQ? A lot of fun, a lot of games, and a whole lot of bonding. In short, you get ScoutFest. Team Scout extends across the United States and into Europe, so our annual event is a great chance to get… read more

Customer Success Tip: Edit Live Events

Do you need to make edits or updates to an event that has already been published? Now you can! In this week’s Customer Success Tip, we’ll discuss how to: Edit live events Re-open closed events Notify your suppliers of updates (and request updates from them) Edit Live Events Follow these steps to edit a live event:… read more

New York City Sourcing Leaders: Smarter Sourcing in the Big Apple

Between bagels, Broadway, and an unbeatable skyline, New York City has a lot going for it. It’s also home to an impressive array of sourcing and procurement talent. However, in the City That Never Sleeps, how do you get them all together under one roof? That’s why New York City Sourcing Leaders was established. Working with… read more

“ACE” Strategic Sourcing with Automation, Collaboration, and Education

We’re constantly inspired by our customers and the amazing things that they’re doing in the sourcing and procurement sphere. That’s why we’re so excited to be in Seattle today to hear from Rendi Miller, Director of Travel and Procurement at Splunk (and Scout customer), at SIG’s SIGnature event. Rendi will join our CEO, Alex Yakubovich,… read more

Customer Success Tip: Change Currencies

Last week, we discussed how to enable multiple currencies. This week, we’re going to take it a step further and tackle how to change currencies within Scout. If your organization does business in currencies other than USD ($), you can update your sourcing events to utilize the currency you need! First, your Scout Company Admin… read more

Hyper-Growth & Strategic Sourcing: Splunk’s Success Story with Scout

How does a small team effectively plan ahead — not to mention manage over $400M of company-wide spend — in a hyper-growth environment? This was the very predicament that Splunk’s sourcing team found itself in. To deliver more value as a strategic partner to the line of business, the team knew that it needed to be predictive… read more