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The Sky’s the Limit at Scout: Meet Dennis Estanislao, Director of User Experience

Almost 4 years ago, Scout’s customer-centric mindset and opportunity for innovation caught the eye of this exceptionally talented design leader. Read on to find out more about what makes Scout such a unique and exciting opportunity for your career. In our Meet the Scouts series, we get to know the people who make the Scout… read more

Adventures in Extreme Sourcing with NYC Sourcing Leaders

What do a deluxe porta potty, a railroad across the world’s highest sand dune, a sanitary product prototype, and a curving shower curtain have in common? They’re all prototypes of sourcing innovation. After all, if it exists, it can be sourced — and, as the latest NYCSL meeting at MDC Partners demonstrated, even if it… read more

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Enhance Your Procurement Process So it’s Easy to Do More

If you’re hung up on manual tasks, disparate spreadsheets, and siloed data, then achieving a single line of sight into your procurement process will make it easy to do more. Despite today’s disruptive climate, procurement is progressing to become a more strategic function. However, without a real-time view of suppliers, contracts, or project statuses, procurement… read more