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“ACE” Strategic Sourcing with Automation, Collaboration, and Education

We’re constantly inspired by our customers and the amazing things that they’re doing in the sourcing and procurement sphere. That’s why we’re so excited to be in Seattle today to hear from Rendi Miller, Director of Travel and Procurement at Splunk (and Scout customer), at SIG’s SIGnature event. Rendi will join our CEO, Alex Yakubovich,… read more

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VSP Puts Its Strategic Sourcing into Focus with Scout

As an international leader in eye care, VSP Global knows that everyone’s goal is to have 20/20 vision. In its quest for a similarly clear view of its sourcing operations, the organization turned to Scout. Greg Tennyson, Chief Procurement Officer at VSP Global, explains how Scout helped his team reach new levels of strategic sourcing.   “Scout is… read more

Why It’s Time to Evolve Your Sourcing Strategy

Change is inevitable and omnipresent — and that’s a good thing. As organizations grow in today’s ever-changing world, they have a secret (well, likely not-so-secret to all of you) weapon that can help them maximize business outcomes. This secret weapon, procurement, needs no introduction. Sourcing has been the backbone of organizations since the concept was… read more

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Greater Value With Digitization: 4 Tips From a Global Sourcing Leader

At the inaugural Silicon Valley Sourcing Leaders’ (SVS Leaders) event, leading sourcing and procurement group McKinsey shared sage advice on how to capture greater value through digitization. How are innovative companies patching up their leaky processes? (Hint: eProcurement isn’t the answer). Here are our top four takeaways: “E” is Out Like listing Excel on your… read more

SVS Leaders

Silicon Valley Sourcing Leaders Event: Innovative Wisdom From A Forward-Thinking Group

SVSL founders from left to right: Matthew Ziskie (Airbnb), Cindy Yan (Twitter), Stan Garber (Scout RFP), Andree Peterson (ServiceNow), Neil Aronson (Uber), Rendi Miller (Splunk) Last Thursday, Silicon Valley Sourcing Leaders (SVSL) hosted their inaugural event, bringing sourcing innovators together for “fireside chats,” craft beer, and charcuterie at Splunk’s office in San Francisco. I was… read more

Understaffed Teams Need New Sourcing Tech

Continued from our previous blog post, “Growing Need For People In Sourcing”. Read it here. In an SCM World survey of 620 executives, ‘people’ was most commonly selected as the biggest challenge facing their procurement teams. While in general, adding ‘people’ to the equation can complicate even the best laid corporate strategies, these execs touted… read more

Growing Need For People In Strategic Sourcing

Companies’ procurement units may no longer consist of lone bookkeepers drafting spreadsheets in a back office, but today’s sourcing teams are stretched just as thin. As executives begin to realize the impact of strategic sourcing on their company’s bottom line, understaffed procurement teams are struggling to keep up with their growing role within organizations. High… read more